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mr.anonymouslurker Donating Member (1 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-02-08 06:05 PM
Response to Original message
80. Motive and scenario
"Death to America, Death to Israel"

Motive: Make them believe Israel's enemies are America's enemies.

Problem: Anthrax op sloppy. Immediately traced back to Fort Detrick, Dr. Philip Zack, Dr. Marian Rippy. Incriminating video footage, documented outrageous behaviour, security violations. Attempts to frame microbiologist Ayaad Assaad failed. Too many people watching, questioning. If motive discovered huge problems. Internet a wildcard. Control of information difficult. Things could spin out of control.

Solution: High level intervention, tight control of investigation, personnel. "Lone gunman" needed. Eccentric, controversial, shady past. Dr. Steven Hatfill. Pin anthrax attacks on Hatfill. Harass, indict. Media allies critical. Get friendly MSM (NY Times, Newsweek, Time, AP, USA Today, TV networks, etc.) to character assassinate. Break him.

Unexpected complications: Hatfill too smart, strong willed. Too late to wack him. Everyone watching. Pay him off with hush money, continue to use media to discredit, insinuate, ostracize. But too many questions remain, uncertainty, focus becoming sharper, demands for answers.

Now what?

Alternate solution: Meeker patsy needed, breakable. Dr. Bruce E. Ivins? Catholic, eccentric, quiet, family problems. Long shot, but this time wack him first so he can't pull a Hatfill. Clarity necessary, documentation. Use MSM to character assassinate, then distract, ignore. Flood Internet with disinfo. Mukasey to crack whip, investigate, scapegoating of non-vetted personnel, no punches pulled.

Zack and Rippy disappeared, unmentioned by MSM and official sources, erased.

Case closed.

Next problem: Iran an existential threat. Osirak repeat unrealistic, beyond our capabilities. US Air Force and Navy needed, but Bush administration has betrayed us. Neocons discredited, despised. Gates, Mullen, Rice have his ear. Unanimous decision for no third front. Volunteer US Army overstretched. American public opinion against bombing, pre-emption. 9/11 hysteria waning, non-factor. Administration believes nuclear Iran containable, Greater Israel a liability, pressure intense to address Palestinian grievances. Information control in US increasingly difficult. Too many questions arising. UN planning repeat of 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism. Situation extremely dangerous. South African model for resolution to Israeli/Palestinian conflict becoming acceptable in public discourse. Catastrophic tipping point looms.

Solution: False flag op. Post-election, transition window. High US casualties to inspire public outrage against Iran, mobilization. (Note: This time no ambiguities. No Silversteins, Zacks, Jane Standleys, "dancing Israelis", etc.) Smarter, bigger, deadlier. Nukes? Martial law. Total info control. Enforced unity. WW II-style total war.

Never again. Never forget.

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