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Conserving my compassion for compassionate conservatives. [View All]

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happydreams Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-12-08 04:48 PM
Original message
Conserving my compassion for compassionate conservatives.
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Another conservative passes away. There will be many more. We pause, take stock, then go about our business.
A month ago it was Dick Russert, a week ago Jesse Helms. Some of us, like me, don't care when one of their ilk croaks. That's just the way I feel. Some are troubled with their feelings in this regard. I am not. I don't gloat over their death.

What somebody does in their life is what is relevant to me. How many people, outside of those who supported them, cried when Hitler died, or Mussolini or Ghengis Khan? Certainly not their victims. If Americans knew the real G W Bush and his real past I'm sure there would be far fewer tears shed than otherwise if he died. As extreme as it may seem to some I believe that, given enough power, Bush and his ilk would match or exceed the horror of the three leaders above. Those who facilitated the Bush administrations grip on power, and Snow certainly was one of them are in my mind similar to those who supported Hitler or Mussolini.

It is no small irony that those who supported Hitler and Mussolini were many homegrown Americans who trumpted "Americanism" and other inanities while being contemptuous of Constitutional government. These supporters of fascism knew exactly what these thugs did in the streets of their respective countries (murder and mayhem) to get into power and they backed them anyway. Indeed they even tried to emulate them creating such organizations as the Black Legion, American Bund, Khaki Shirts, Blue Shirts, and, oddly enough, the American Legion. The Bush family was one of these supporters and what they are trying to do, IMO, is similar to what Hitler wanted.
Rove wanted a "permanent conservative majority", that sounds eerily similar to Hitlers dream of a thousand year Reich. Leo Strauss the father of the neo-con movement was a true believer in fascism. He idolized Hitler. None of these three saw the relevance of freedom, the need for leadership to change to meet changing circumstances. They were all in it for their own sake. Hitler was a psychopath and, IMO, Bush is too. If Bush and his interests allowed to stay in power the human race will be extinct as surely as it would have been had Hitler succeeded in his dreams.

The insanity of it all is that we are in a war for oil that, if it is used, will destroy the environment via carbon emissions. In other words, even if we get the oil it is crazy to think we can keep on burning it. It is precisely this kind of insanity that must stop or we are doomed.

........ .............

A little something on Snow:

Tony Snows Libby Presser: A web of lies
By: John Amato @ 11:17 AM - PDT
Im making two video clips because there is so much deceit in everything Snow says that I wanted you to see most of it. What was up with that creepy black background? Was it the cameras or was it staged that way? Look at thisA new SurveyUSA poll says that America wants Scooter in jailRepeat after me: Obstruction of Justice!

He was spinning so much that smoke was coming from the soles of his feet and the Press Room could barely keep up with him. He earned his money today for the cult of Bush. When he says that they commuted him now before Scooter served any jail time because they didnt want to lose the paperworkI meanthis is too much. The years being a FOX host paid off in spades for the White House. He even had the audacity to claim that the 250,000 dollar fine was a hardship on poor old Scooter. Fred Thompson helped raise 4 million dollars for Scooter outside his own personal fortune and Matalin had the nerve during the Walter Reed scandal to beg for more moneyAnd you know they will support him the rest of his life.

Bush and Cheney are laughing at you. They are laughing at the press that was wrapped up in this case from the beginning and they are laughing at the legal system of the country. Some questions were asked about Cheneys involvement in asking Bush to help his pal and Snow said he had no direct knowledge, but someone might have mentioned it. Ed Henry brought up Bushs Ill fire anyone who leaked anything, regarding Rove, Snow said he wouldnt comment.Another reporter said:

How can you stand there with a straight face and say this isnt a political act? What he did was inherently political.

Snow said he has the POWER to do it.Please post in the comment section all the falsehoods Snow said in these two clips so we can have a recordI know, its a monumental task. Every time he opens his mouth he spins and spins and spins

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