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Reply #39: Good. I agree with your "take" on it on all counts, and understand [View All]

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Joe Chi Minh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-15-08 06:28 PM
Response to Reply #8
39. Good. I agree with your "take" on it on all counts, and understand
Edited on Sun Jun-15-08 06:44 PM by KCabotDullesMarxIII
your utter incredulity. If a sick and driven individual working in a storage place is in a position to access illegal material on someone else's computer, it's difficult to imagine he would not do so. Given the facts, the most elementary common-sense suggests your nephew is the least likely suspect, and in any event, as you point out, in those circumstances legal ownership of the machine would hardly constitute evidence - even if he had been the guilty party! And waiting 7 months after finding the images before going to law suggests the pedophile who did have access to it during that time was pushing his luck as long as he dared. He might have left his prints on the finger-keys; for venal reasons, the prosecution's IT expert's testimony could well have been perjurious or verging on it, and an independent expert brought in by the Prosecutor or your nephew's own lawyer might have turned up compelling evidence to the contrary.

On the other hand, if that truly demonic, female prosecutor (Did she think your son had broken into the storage facility?) had been prepared to do the job she was paid to do, in connection with the case, might it not have been possible for a serious investigation to have turned up evidence inculpating the owner or an employee of the storage facility? The pedophile might have had such a record, and there might have been earlier court cases of a similar nature brought by them. The vile Prosecutor's indifference to your wife's discovery on your computer - as if you would have put yourself at such risk, if you had had a bad conscience - was surely the last straw. She possibly felt you were likely to be a gentleman in very good standing in the community and your work-place, and brought trouble on herself for her shocking dereliction.

One point, though not necessarily of law, that I would make, concerns computer-generated images of pedophilia. A person depraved enough to want to view them would surely not be satisfied to stop at that, but would surely search for the real-life images, so the penalties should, imo, be no less severe.

But why do they call it "kiddy porn". Are they trying to make it sound "cuddly" for crying out loud! It's like the newspapers with "fat cats". No. The word is "sharks"! And GOP for Republicans. Don't use their framing.

As you point out, too, we could all have such stuff uploaded to our machines by people with the know-how. I'm fortunate in that I'm under surveillance in every room all the time and naturally, on the computer, and I seem to be in not-too-bad standing with the clandestine people at the moment.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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