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Two Americas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-14-08 02:19 PM
Response to Reply #100
138. depends
Edited on Sat Jun-14-08 02:20 PM by Two Americas
Depends on what we are going for. A smoothly running empire and corporate machine that "gets things done" with a patina of liberal causes probably makes messy things like impeachment just an impediment to our march into the glorious future.

War crimes, torture, the destruction of the Bill of Rights, corporate control over all resources, the collapse of the public infrastructure - What does it say about us and about the truth about the modern Democratic party that so many people see these as petty or distracting issues? what sort of "win" are we seeking that leaves all of that off the table? Win for whom? To what end? So we can have a more intelligent and charismatic figurehead running the show, and so that we can continue to be complacent about the crisis we are in, and keep telling ourselves that we are "taking baby steps" and that we are "better than the Republicans" as though that means a damned thing in the real world.

I think people are going for feeling good rather than for fighting back and actually achieving objective results in the real world, and feeling good requires putting our heads in the sand while be pat ourselves on the back for being oh so "practical" and "realistic." Only a small percentage of the population can afford to promote a political program of feeling good at the expense of actual;ly taking up the fight against those who are bent on destroying us and our country, with the willing compliance of most in the "opposition" party.

We are fighting for our lives. The few, the relatively comfortable and privileged who control the party and liberalism at all levels keep telling us to go slow, to be cautious, to be clever, to be patient. Easy for them to say that; they have little at stake and are not at great personal risk. The upscale few, maybe 10% of the population at most, who dominate and control the discussion on what passes for the political left in this country, from the water cooler to the halls of Congress, seek to tie our hands behind our backs while the right wingers endlessly pummel and destroy us. They are betraying the people for the sake of a shallow and meaningless "win" that will only benefit the few.

Of course the Democrats are "better than the Republicans." Fire fighters - in theory at least - are better than arsonists, too. But we don't judge them by the same standards, do we? When the whole f-ing town is burning down, and the fire fighters are sitting on their asses making excuses, or befriending and cooperating with the arsonists, "we are better than the arsonists so keep supporting us and being loyal to us and don't consider or do anything else" is a pretty pathetic excuse, and it soon becomes obvious that they have no intention of protecting us from the arsonists and do not care that the whole town is on fire. We would be better off to put the fires out ourselves rather than wait for the fire fighters to do anything, but we have people right here everyday telling us not to do that because it will somehow "hurt the cause" - the cause of promoting and supporting the lazy, lying, corrupted and compromised fire fighters.

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