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Reply #105: If other people thought like me... [View All]

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warren pease Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-14-08 12:02 PM
Response to Reply #103
105. If other people thought like me...
... I'd fear for the human race even more than I already do.

But the thing is, I'm not inventing a belief system. Those points I made -- sarcastically, yes, but they're valid concerns nonetheless -- are counter-arguments to the public positioning statements of democratic invertebrates who use those excuses to slither out of their responsibilities to the Constitution, which includes serving their constituents in the most effective ways possible. Naive I know, but that's really their job description.

At this very dangerous point in history, their constituents would be served best if congress would remove the bastards who are threatening nuclear annihilation, robbing them blind in every conceivable way, setting up a thriving national security state and using a private army of stateless mercenaries to keep the peasants in line.

There are at least three fundamental reasons for taking direct action against the Bush crime syndicate NOW:

- Simple justice demands accountability for their crimes against humanity and the thin veneer of civilization that keeps us from slaughtering each other. They've destroyed what's left of the US' already shaky good-guy PR image and repositioned it as the most powerful, feared and despised rogue nation and perpetrator of state-sponsored terrorism on earth. And the whole thing is justified by a million lies, lapped up by an incurious and gullible population, that comprise the ideological foundation of this Bushean parallel universe, AKA the official story. These are crimes against the very fundamentals of civilization and the Bushies -- every last one of them -- must pay the price.

- Congress must assert a policy of zero tolerance for power grabs by the executive branch and back that policy up with a clearly defined and suitably harsh response. This may get the attention of the next coven of wingnut fascist megalomaniacs, the loons who long for another Bushean-style coup and de facto dictatorship, and force them to confront the fact that they're risking serious legal consequences. The best way to make that point is to nail up this current batch of fascist madmen in the public square and expose the magnitude of their crimes in minute detail before the country and the world. The public square is now TV, so this display of mass criminality reaches billions instead of a couple hundred. Maybe when the signs and symptoms are common knowledge, when they're recognized immediately, maybe we can avoid the next PNAC and preempt the next right wing coup. Maybe not, but it's damn well worth a try.

- Impeachment investigations will keep the swine up late planning legal defense strategies with their $5,000 a day attorneys when they would otherwise be plotting the destruction of Iran and getting thousands more US troops and Iraqi civilians killed or maimed. Oh oh... the body count in Afghanistan seems rather low these days; better step it up there as well. I think anything that prevents such planning sessions is by definition essential. Impeachment as mass murder prevention strategy... How weird is that? But that's what these maniacs have done.

It may also rob them of the time it takes to negotiate the purchase of another vast tract of land in a non-extradition country. If you aren't familiar with the story, here's the background. The first such deal went south when the Paraguayan people, after suffering through 60 straight years of brutal fascist dictatorships, finally managed to hold free elections and dumped the fascist Colorado party by a huge percentage in favor of a left-leaning economic and social reformer named Fernando Lugo, a former Catholic bishop who took the teachings of Christ a little too seriously for the Vatican's elitists and got fired as a result.

Well aware of the Bushies' plans to move their base of criminal operations to his country, and what a disaster that would be for his reformist agenda, he's been working overtime negotiating and signing extradition treaties with the rest of the civilized world. As a result, Paraguay is now hostile territory for fascist escapees, particularly those associated with the Bush international crime syndicate. Small world, particularly if you're a dethroned totalitarian de facto dictator trying to disappear in a world that's overflowing with people who've been waiting impatiently to get their figurative hands around the Bushies' metaphorical throats. Or maybe not so metaphorical at all.

These are not trivial issues. Rather, they define the difference between bringing the hammer down full force and imposing on them the rule of law they so blithely pissed all over and called "that goddamn piece of paper," and watching them ride off into the sunset, saddle bags stuffed with slips of paper on which are written the access numbers that unlock all those off-shore bank accounts, full of the spoils of the successful war they've waged against the entire 99.5 percent of the world's population who don't matter except as targets for armed robbery.

Personally, since I'm an atheist and don't believe their punishment awaits them in the afterlife, I'm very interested in nailing their vicious, traitorous asses right here, right now. If we don't, or more accurately if congress fails to perform one its most critical jobs, we might as well just take the Constitution out of its case at the National Archives and use it to light one of Limpball's tiny-weenie-compensator illegal Cuban cigars.

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