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Reply #18: Sorry, Monkey, thats what people do in countries where the justice system is criminalizing [View All]

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tom_paine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-07-08 12:14 AM
Response to Reply #16
18. Sorry, Monkey, thats what people do in countries where the justice system is criminalizing
Edited on Sat Jun-07-08 12:24 AM by tom_paine
or already criminalized.

I sympathize with you. It's not the way I'd want it, either. There is a large part of me, the part who grew up in Old America (1776-2000) that rebels against the very thought.

Things being what they are these last seven years, seeing criminality gotten away with right in plain sight (Gonzales' multiple felony perjuries on videotape to name the one among dozens that is most ironclad - his testimony under oath contradicted multiple times by the Director of the FBI and many others) naturally leads one to speculations of this kind.

It was true in Soviet Russia, it's true, in Commie China (I know, I have worked and spoken with people who were from both those places in addition to being well-read), I am sure it's true in every nation where authoritarianism/totalitarianism holds sway.

It's kind of a scary look-into-the-abyss thing, but then subjects of authoritarian nations are ALWAYS looking into the abyss, one way or another metaphorically-speaking. And subjects of authoritarian nations are always lied to and kept into the dark as much as possible.

Name me an example from history where that was NOT TRUE.

If you can.

On Murderin' Joe Scarborough: He couldn't hire a Hit Man? Oh no, Hit Men are a myth, they don't exist right? Only on TV, right? What does one get for hiring a thug who commits murder? Is it less than the murder itself (I don't know, I am a biologist, not a lawyer...but I think it's a little less)

Joe might have committed the murder. He might have hired a hitter. He might be innocent entirely, although the circumstance indicates some level of guilt strongly somewhere in his chain-of-command, if not him personally.

The problem is, in a corrupt society where one Party wields a massively disproportionate levels of power in a mostly criminal and authoritarian fashion WE DON'T KNOW...AND WE CAN'T KNOW!!!!!

As a result, we are left with the same thing the 1950s Russian Citizenry was, or the Roman Plebes, and everyone in between who ever lived in a nation "on that side of history". Sadly, that's most of the people who ever lived.

Left with the same thing. Guesswork. Samizdat. Playing Connect-the-Dots.

I agree with you, Monkey. Ten years ago, you and I would be singing the same tune in harmony. I agree, it's no way for civilized people to act, throwing out unsubstantiated murder charges. But what choice, eh? Wait for the Klausutis story to be investigated on CNNMSNBCFOX?


It's no way for civilized people to LIVE. And I don't care how much wealth, comfort, and safety we have. It's no substitute for True Liberty, which includes a justice system that is at least trying to be just, a relatively honest and fair Free Press, and a law enforcement system that is also reasonably fair and even in it's pursuit of crime, not singling out one political group for six times the investigation than the Power Party, as is happening here.

I understand and respect where you are coming from. As I said, if we lived in Iceland or Sweden or another Free World Nation, I would fully agree with you. If we lived in the old USA, circa 1980 or even 1990, I would fully agree with you.

Can you understand and respect where I am coming from?

I pray every day to once again breathe the sweet air of Liberty in this nation. And yes, it's about a lot more than merely being "left alone" by the PTB.

Read the original Tom Paine and the rest of the Founding Dads. It's about a LOT more than that.

I am interested in what you think about what I've said. I look forward to a reply. :hi:
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