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Reply #178: It was awful during that time. I was SO frustrated! [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-04-08 11:46 PM
Response to Reply #169
178. It was awful during that time. I was SO frustrated!
What reagan did that was the MOST damaging was to foster this overriding idea that the needy were lazy moochers, liberals were "looney" baby-killers, and trees caused pollution (remember THAT one?!??!?!?!). And he got away with it because he was PERCEIVED as this kindly old uncle-type who was so approachable and aw-shucks and wouldn't hurt a fly much less another human being. He had this schtick left over from his "Death Valley Days" and GE pitchman appearances with the upslanted eyebrows and the gentle, smiling (a crooked smile, no less) shaking of the head and the "Uh-Waaayyy-yull1," that somehow made everything and anything he said go down easier. You were mesmerized by the schtick. Many Americans just couldn't help themselves. They just LIKED him SOOOOOOOOO much! He was so likeable that people were willing to overlook ANYTHING, and forgive him EVERYTHING. And he would sprinkle in just the correct amount of corny jokes and "heartland" wholesomeness and irritation with people trying to turn off the mike that he presumably paid for and the Soviet Union and hippies. That cute little chuckly "there you go again..." and a few other one-liners like that, which absolutely hijacked-at-gunpoint every headline, every lead story, every pundit's first impression - it was AMAZING how masterfully he manipulated (or his people enabled the manipulation of) the media.

If you're funny and self-deprecating and aw-shucks, you translate in the media as being FUCKING ADORABLE, and the Teflon coating automatically follows. We've seen it most recently first with mike huckabee (hell, he even had dimples!) and now with john mcSAME. It's disarming and distracting and if you make people laugh, they automatically like you. And if you make them laugh by laughing at yourself first, that makes 'em like you all the more. That's what I think motivated Hillary Clinton to joke about being late to Leno's show because she was dodging sniper fire. The unaware, half-asleep, bored, jaded, ill-informed, and gullible fall for this EVERY TIME.

And getting back to reagan, that's the cover he used, under which he hid while all these horribly shitty, short-sighted, selfish, cheap-skate policy abominations were allowed to slither into being, and onto the books. But everybody was looking over there at that adorable old guy with the funny jokes and the plain talk and the crooked smile. And nobody was paying attention to what he did behind closed doors, and sent his own flying-monkey brigades out to do in his name and with his approval and even flat-out dictates. A "charming bandit" he was, to be on maximum-diplomacy mode. A lying, scheming, thief to put it more plainly.

Some of this devastation was getting started as the climate changed enabling the rise of somebody like him. Remember Howard Jarvis? Mr. Proposition 13? reagan came to power in 1980. Proposition 13 was in 1978 here in California, and that's when the real sea-change jolt occurred. People started realizing their property taxes were quite high, having been raised to underwrite school aid, programs for the needy, hungry, homeless and other such groups. And some of those people were little old fixed-income retirees in places like Santa Monica who were being driven out of their homes because they couldn't pay the property tax bills anymore. The media, stoked by CONservative activists and PR people and media manipulators - from some of these think-tanks that were being bankrolled by rich industrialist pirates (the kind of people who wound up in reagan's infamous "Kitchen Cabinet" - the off-the-books team of advisors he kept under wraps back home in California), seized on that as an easy story-with-pictures. "Look! Poor Grandma's being driven out of her little house! How awful! Damn those property taxes!" And Howard Jarvis rode that one all the way to victory, sending a cheap-skaters' paradise message across the country and gave the anti-tax grover norquist types all the calcium supplement they needed. And that paved the way for reagan, and the rest, unfortunately, is history.

We can only hope that bush-2 leaves such a bad taste in the mouth that the whole movement that now pivots on his legacy is brought down. He's the true son-of-reagan. Hopefully, what reagan started, dubya will finally have FINISHED. And Deep-Sixed.

But it ALL got rolling with ronald reagan. His was the regime that put all these assholes firmly into the driver's seat for the first time. And look where we are. The results speak for themselves. EIGHTY-ONE PERCENT of Americans just surveyed say our country has lurched off onto the wrong track. Highest numbers EVER, since that particular polling question was first asked. And what leaves me boiling is how this statistic is reported, but NOBODY ever tries to connect the dots to show why this has happened.

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