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Reply #175: Even so, ronnie did cut the funding further, and that's just one area in which he did so. [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-04-08 11:00 PM
Response to Reply #100
175. Even so, ronnie did cut the funding further, and that's just one area in which he did so.
Edited on Fri Apr-04-08 11:02 PM by calimary
He cut the funding for more groups than the mentally ill. All of those segments of society that needed an extra break, an extra hand, an extra boost, some extra breathing room, ALL of them got screwed. Everything was reoriented to serve and further then needs of those elite demographics that needed help the least. Students, the elderly, aid to families with dependent children, families with disabled children, food stamp programs, head-start programs, unions, ceta grants, job training programs, environmental protection programs, consumer protection programs, workers protection programs, regulatory protections, you name it - ALL those entities took a hit. ALL MANNER of programs set up to help the poor took a hit. If you were among "The Least of My Brethren" you were locked out.

In general, it was the first time the robber barons had the way professionally cleared for them to belly up to the bar and settle in for awhile. It was THEIR interests that were being promoted, for a change. And I think the fat cats, golden-parachute CEOs, the LBO pirates and mergers & acquisitions people, the corner-cutters who benefited from reagan's policies got a nice, long stint at that bar and decided they liked it. So they've spent all their time and energy and considerable resources attempting to stay there. That's why the foxes-guarding-the-henhouses style of government that started in earnest with ronald reagan was able to gain ground after he was gone. Certainly bush-the-first perpetuated the worst of it (while yammering on about "kinder, gentler" times out of one side of his mouth), and the CONservatives took the House of Reps away in 1994 (after bush-1 was gone) so they could continue it. Thus they were able to muscle this through and force Clinton's hand, and by the time they were giving away the store in 1998 and 99, they'd put him through the Lewinsky business and, I think, softened his resistance enough to go along with what they demanded.

AWFUL TIMES that have been perpetuated yet again, and on steroids, with this miserable seven-and-some years under bush-2. BUT IT ALL COMES BACK TO REAGAN. ALL OF IT. That's where the stingey cheapskates and narrow-minded stonehearts first got moved to the front row. And everybody else took a hit so they could fatten up further, and cook the books, and skirt the rules, and cut the corners, and game the system and get richer - at the expense of the poor, needy, homeless, hungry, sick - physically AND mentally, and ignored. I didn't mean to further the misconception that the homeless are all the mentally ill. It's just that the mentally ill were a prominent group among those who got the shaft, mainly during reagan. The most damage - to the greatest number of people who couldn't afford to sustain that damage - was done on his watch, and at his bidding, and under his leadership. When the rest of us were encouraged to sneer at the black single mom as a "welfare queen." The mentally ill were, unfortunately, one of the more glaring examples, so they got a great deal of what press coverage there was of this crisis during the reagan era. Besides, when they were turned out on the streets, that was that. There was NO effort or government initiative put in place to take up the slack, or fund the construction of new shelters or new residences or new hospitals. The door was simply shut in their faces and the front lights turned out. And they were left to fend for themselves. And we were all told that was the "American Way" - where the bold lone maverick-type booted himself up and got rich.

BTW - hi bobbie! :hi:
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