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Reply #348: You fail basic logic, (insert your favorite patronizing term of endearment). [View All]

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cureautismnow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-10-08 03:41 PM
Response to Reply #347
348. You fail basic logic, (insert your favorite patronizing term of endearment).
Edited on Thu Apr-10-08 03:42 PM by dubyadubya3
Sure it's the job of the CDC and the FDA to ensure that various medicines are safe, but that's not on point. Anti-vaxxers make the claim that thimerosal causes autism - but they haven't been able to satisfy the burden of proof, especially not since research on the subject doesn't turn up anything. FYI, according to WebMD there have been 14 studies on the topic involving millions of children - all of them came up nil for the anti-vaxxers. So far as studies that support the anti-vaxxer claim, you have Wakefield and Geier. Wakefield's study was retracted from Lancet, and he is now probably going to have his medical license revoked. Geier's studies included numerous critical flaws (see here), an ignorance of how to analyze the data, not to mention his own conflicts of interest. So far, it's not looking too good.

Again, the CDC made the claim that there was no link and THEY couldn't prove it. It's their job to back up their 2004 assertion. They didn't. Their point man, Dr. V. even said more study is needed. Yet, they closed the door because of the repercussions. 14 studies? Do you just randomly pull numbers out of a hat? First, there were "dozens," then "several," and now we are back up to 14. Amazing. Well, just maybe, your third time will be a charm. I'll leave space below for you to list all 14.

Oh, so now it's flawed because of people moving to California for autism treatment? And, again, thimerosal was only present in trace amounts in the flu vaccine - which is not a required vaccination. There actually is new research, as I've mentioned multiple times to you now, due out this year that is a companion study to Thompson et al that looks at asd and vaccines. Want to bet what they're going to find? There are also other studies underway, but the issue is fast approaching being done to death.

Again, you are wrong. As of March 14, 2008, there are several vaccines with not-so-just traces of mercury in them. Look at the chart in Table 3. DT has 25 g/0.5 mL dose. TD has 8.3 g/0.5 mL dose. TT has 25 g/0.5 mL dose. 3 flu shots have 25 g/0.5 mL dose.

You still haven't answered the question - why is mercury still in vaccines in 2008?

Thompson et al had better look at asd kids THIS TIME around if they have any hope of regaining a semblance of credibility. I'm sure they could receive pointers from Dr. V about how to cherry-pick their data to reach their predetermined conclusion. Naturally, they'll have to manipulate the data much harder though to get beyond the neutral result.

Yes, those stupid pediatricians with all their fancy book learning and silly white coats. What do they know about medicine? Perhaps you should educate them with your Google-fu.

Yes, I hope they do receive a common sense epiphany that shooting a poison into a child is NOT a good idea.

Oh, teh poison!!1! As I'm sure you know (or perhaps you don't), the dose makes the poison. You would think that if thimerosal has been removed (or is only present in trace amounts) that autism rates would decrease. Have autism rates been declining?

The "trace amounts" argument is nonsense. Poison is poison. Why put it into kids if it's not necessary. WHY, WHY, WHY...?

"When you get the reporters and vaccine manufacturers to admit that theyre using mercury, they will often use the term trace amounts. How much thimerosal in a vaccine is a trace amount? "A common myth is that thimerosal is added to vaccines in 'trace' amounts," says Mike Wagnitz, a senior chemist at the University of Wisconsin, "The concentration of mercury in a multi-dose flu vaccine vial is 50,000 parts per billion. To put this in perspective, drinking water cannot exceed 2 parts per billion of mercury, and waste is considered hazardous if it has only 200 parts per billion. Is it really safe then to inject pregnant women, newborns, and infants with levels of mercury 250 times higher than what is legally classified as hazardous waste?"

There is also no mention of the quick and devastating counter to this report put out by the The National Autism Association (NAA), which is pointing out flaws in the study in a press release, and believes the authors used data too narrowly to make such sweeping conclusions. The authors are overlooking a number of confounding factors.

"To make such sweeping conclusions regarding thimerosal, all mercury and aluminum would have to have been removed from vaccines and recalled immediately, including pre- and post-natal flu shots," says NAA board chair Claire Bothwell. The NAA press release goes on to state, ..Increasing pressure upon pregnant women and young children to receive annual flu shots has further muddied the waters in determining vaccine mercury exposure levels in recent years. Most flu shots still contain 25 micrograms of mercury, an amount the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe only for adults weighing over 550 lbs.
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