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Reply #148: Please don't lie. The only disinformation now is your lies about my post. [View All]

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Atman Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-23-08 11:03 AM
Response to Reply #143
148. Please don't lie. The only disinformation now is your lies about my post.
Edited on Wed Jan-23-08 11:07 AM by Atman
What's in it for you? From your post...

"The "gist" of the OP is that the "only" message that the government is giving the public "ad nauseum" is that the digital transition is occurring because digital tv is so awesome, so much better."

That isn't what I stated at all, I referred to the specific ad running on cable television. It simply mentions NOTHING about ANY OTHER REASON FOR THE SWITCH other than the awesome picture quality of digital television. That's what it states. Of course, you had to put the word "only" in quotes because I never stated that the government was not providing any other information. That is a bald-faced lie. I just didn't say that. I referred to the ads running in heavy rotation on cable right now. If you can find one that discusses the bandwidth and emergency issues you've posted three times now, great. I'd love to see it. The fact that the ads are being run voluntarily doesn't mean they aren't being run! You don't deny that they say what I said they say, you just try to make it seem like it's not part of the discussion, when it is very much part of the discussion, because they were central points of my fucking post!

You seem oh-so-proud of your lies, too. "Also debunked -- the claim that the reclaimed spectrum is being given away to big corporations. The only spectrum that is being "given away" is a portion of the spectrum that is being reallocated for use by public safety providers." I said the bandwidth was being auctioned off. The fact that I called it a "give-away" to corporate contributors does not mean the "auctioned off" statement didn't exist! Jesus christ, man, did you honestly think I thought the government was going to hold an AUCTION but not actually charge any money??

Then there is the lie..."Another bit of misinformation: the converter boxes will cost a lot of money. In fact, one manufacturer already has announced that its going to make the boxes available for $39.95 --- so they'll be free to consumers with coupons." I stated the converters would cost $50-$70, not "a lot of money." Guess where I got the $50-$70 figure from? THE GODDAMN GOVERNMENT WEB SITE!

I just don't understand why you feel this is some sort of battle you must win by thumping your chest and blatantly LYING, even to the point of saying I've ignored your link even after I directly addressed it. Do you have some sort of mental problem? I'll gladly discuss my post on it's merits or lack thereof -- I corrected and apologized for my comment about being able to pull the plug, right? So it's not as if I'm just digging in my heals, as you appear to be doing. You're arguing with yourself, because I just didn't make the statements you're attributing to me.
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