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Reply #11: complacency - we're too comfortable - take away electricity, a/c, suv, beer, teevee.. [View All]

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Triana Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-19-08 10:08 PM
Response to Original message
11. complacency - we're too comfortable - take away electricity, a/c, suv, beer, teevee..
Edited on Sat Jan-19-08 10:31 PM by Triana
...internet, clean clothes - if people weren't so comfy (and many aren't but those who are are too complacent) they'd get mad and get involved. It's all about me me me me me me me....if "me me me me" is OK - then "me me me me me me" thinks everything is OK and if someone ELSE isn't (the vet who sleeps under the bridge down the street) well bigga deal. On to watch Survivor and have another beer and hey! look! Britney's kid sister is pregnant and another pretty white girl is missing oh my! Sharks! Oh my! Distraction after distaction. Oh my!

And most folks aren't on the internet. They read the corporat-owned paper, magazines, watch corporate-owned teevee channels, etc. They're drowning in corporate propaganda and can't see or hear anything else. And - complacent - won't go looking at / for anything else either.

Americans - in general - are spoilt, lazy, complacent, and uncurious. LOOK at the president they have. Just LOOK at him. He's just like us (excluding the majority of DUers who are quite involved but we are a minority). Is it any wonder America cannot muster a more progressive, actual Democrat ( REAL Democrat ) into the White House? All they can manage are pseudonyms for one. Pretty, smooth-talking ruses, nicely packaged but when you tear off the wrapper, there's a shitload of corporate money and influence in there. And whatdya know it's the SAME corporate money and influence that IS ALREADY been in Washington for the last 30 years. Nothing different. It's just packaged to LOOK different on the outside. Because after all that's all anyone's gonna look at anyway -- Americans being as uncurious and lazy as they are - buy it whole without question. SURE the damn box is different. BUT DID ANYONE BOTHER TO OPEN IT AND SEE WHAT'S INSIDE before they decided it was REALLY "different"? NO.

And 'elections'? Again we don't have them. Megaconglomerate corporations choose our candidates and our presidents. The megaconglomerate corporate-owned media decides who can debate and participate and who cannot - they decide who they will highlight and talk about on the "news" and who they will not, narrowing OUR choices even more than stupidity, laziness, and complacency.

We have facsimiles of elections. We have ruses for elections. We have PRETENSES of elections. But do we REALLY HAVE ELECTIONS WHERE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE their candidates and presidents?!

NOOOOOOO... We don't and we haven't in a very long time and we may never again.

JUST LIKE our country has gone down the corporate shitter because not enough people were paying attention while the corporations took it from us, our elections went with it.

We SEEM to have them. I mean we go through all the motions - but WHO IS REALLY ELECTING AND CHOOSING OUR LEADERS?

It's NOT "we the people" certainly.

Now, there is ONE candidate that COULD HAVE remedied some of this. ONE CANDIDATE who is fully aware of it and who would and could do something about it. ONE candidate who has EVEN ADDRESSED it and WHO IS NOT part of it.

But his PACKAGING isn't different. It LOOKS the same but what's INSIDE is very very different.

Too bad no one looked in there. The corprats know what's in there and they ignore it or lambaste it. That ought to clue someone in -- but it doesn't.

That one is Edwards. The corprats don't want him so they sheister and ignore him. The lazy, uncurious, complacents just go for the status quo candidates - cause they LOOK different (but aren't) - oh and Survivor comes on in .30 and they don't want to miss it and they never bothered to look at or listen to anything other than MSNBC or Fox or CNN so who else IS there besides HillBama? GottagogasuptheSUVbye....

...and there goes the US of A right down the toilet.

If bu$hit, Inc. and the Republicans didn't destroy the United States of America as we've known it, the (DLC) Democrats and ignorant voters will certainly finish it off, won't they?

Yes. It hurts to see this. It damn sure does.

I'm really sorry.

I'm REALLY ashamed. Like John Edwards, I THOUGHT we were better than this.
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