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Clinton? Obama? C H A N G E my ass. Or, some inconvenient T R U T H [View All]

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BeHereNow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-08-08 11:20 PM
Original message
Clinton? Obama? C H A N G E my ass. Or, some inconvenient T R U T H
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Edited on Wed Jan-09-08 12:04 AM by BeHereNow
Let's have another look at the MSM force fed candidates for our sEection, shall we?

Do ANY of you numbnuts who think Clinton or Obama will avert the train to hell
we are currently on actually KNOW who these people are?
Sometimes DU makes me want to :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
I'd say that the river of de'nial runs equally through the banks
of both the democratic and republican american idol political fan clubs.

"And start with Clinton. Madeleine Albright, she was the main force behind the Iraq sanctions that killed more than 400,000 Iraqi civilians. General Wesley Clark, he was the one who ran the bombing of Serbia in the former Yugoslavia, came out and publicly said that he was going after civilian targets, like electrical plants, like the TV station there. Richard Holbrooke, in the Carter administration he was the one who oversaw the shipment of weapons to the Indonesian military as they were invadingillegally invading East Timor and killing a third of the population there, and he was the one who kept the UN Security Council from enforcing its resolution against that invasion. Strobe Talbott, he was the one who, during the Clinton administration, oversaw Russia policy, a backing of Yeltsin, which resulted in turning over the national wealth to the oligarchs and a drop in life expectancy in much of Russia of about fifteen yearsmassive, massive death. And you have various backers of the Iraq invasion and occupation and the recent escalation, people like General Jack Keane, Michael OHanlon and others. Thats just Clinton.
AMY GOODMAN: Barack Obama?
ALLAN NAIRN: Well, Obamas top adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski gave an interview to the French press a number of years ago where he boasted about the fact that it was he who created the whole Afghan jihadi movement, the movement that produced Osama bin Laden. And he was asked by the interviewer, Well, dont you think this might have had some bad consequences? And Brzezinski replied, Absolutely not. It was definitely worth it, because we were going after the Soviets. We were getting the Soviets. Another top Obama person
AMY GOODMAN: I think his comment actually was, Whats a few riled-up Muslims? And this, that whole idea of blowback, the idea of arming, financing, training the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, including Osama bin Laden, and then when theyre done with the Soviets, they set their sights, well, on the United States.
ALLAN NAIRN: Right. And later, during Bill Clintons administration, during the Bosnia killing, the US actually flew some of the Afghan Mujahideen, the early al-Qaeda peoplethe US actually arranged for them to be flown from there to Bosnia to fight on the Muslim/NATO side.
Another key Obama adviser, Anthony Lake, he was the main force behind the US invasion of Haiti in the mid-Clinton years during which they brought back Aristide essentially in political chains, pledged to support a World Bank/IMF overhaul of the economy, which resulted in an increase in malnutrition deaths among Haitians and set the stage for the current ongoing political disaster in Haiti.
Another Obama adviser, General Merrill McPeak, an Air Force man, who not long after the Dili massacre in East Timor in 91 that you and I survived, he wasI happened to see on Indonesian TV shortly after thatthere was General McPeak overseeing the delivery to Indonesia of US fighter planes.
Another key Obama adviser, Dennis Ross. Ross, for many years under both Clinton and Bush 2, a keyhe has advised Clinton and both Bushes. He oversaw US policy toward Israel/Palestine. He pushed the principle that the legal rights of the Palestinians, the rights recognized under international law, must be subordinated to the needs of the Israeli governmentin other words, their desires, their desires to expand to do whatever they want in the Occupied Territories. And Ross was one of the people who, interestingly, led the political assault on former Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Carter, no peacenikI mean, Carter is the one who bears ultimate responsibility for that Timor terror that Holbrooke was involved in. But Ross led an assault on him, because, regarding Palestine, Carter was so bold as to agree with Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa that what Israel was doing in the Occupied Territories was tantamount to apartheid. And so, Ross was one of those who fiercely attacked him."

For christsake people- don't you understand that these candidates are more puppets of the SAME people
who have dragging this country over the cliff for DECADES?

Guess we are going to get the government we deserve.
With the help of democratic supporters who don't know SHIT about
So be it.

BHN :rant:
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