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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-05-08 01:57 AM
Response to Reply #8
We are living in gangster times.

Don't call me "Scarface."


Subject: bio-warfare/experimentation

Mistakes Were Made.

(The following notes for a study I did on the origins and history of US intelligence organizations.) =20

Within this cult of secrecy weapons research and testing on unconventional weapons was accelerated, and Fort Deitrick, Maryland specialized in bacteriological warfare. (B.W.) In l900, during the U.S. military occupation of Havana, a vicious scourge of yellow fever raged through the cities barrios like a river of death killing and terrifying 14. thousands. Yellow fever is a frightful virus that begins with thesudden onset of fever usually accompanied by a chill and severe pain inthe head, back, and limbs. The body temperature spikes swiftly until it reaches a maximum of 103- 105 degrees. Other symptoms include excruciating abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and jaundice. This stage may last from a few hours to several days. In it's secondary stage the feverflares back to its original elevation, the skin turns yellow, and repeated vomiting occurs, spewing dark blood, usually followed by death. U.S. army doctors led by Walter Reed helped discover that yellow feveris a virus transmitted by mosquito bites and Havana was cleansed of breeding areas.=20

Sixty years after Dr. Reed's death many residents of a small north Florida town began to experience symptoms of yellow fever and dengue. Carver Village, whose residents in l960 were exclusively black, reported the mysterious appearance of fevers, bronchitis, typhoid, encephalitis, stillbirths, and deaths.(cockburn) Collaborating under cover of top secret classification, United States Army B.W. researchers at Fort Detrick, had among other things, developed the ability of breeding one hundred and thirty million mosquitoes a month. The Army, in a biological warfare test, released these insects over Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida but Carver Village was selected to determine the productivity of targeted transmission of yellow fever and dengue by mosquito's. (Cockburn New Statesmen 28-1-94 p22)

Fort Deitrick, fifty miles from Washington D.C., was 15. designated, by presidential directive in l942, as the United State's principle biological and chemical warfare research center. =A8(Leonard A. Cole,Totowa, N.J., Rowman and Littlefield, l988) Fort Deitrick, a l983 army brochure reported, studies "some of the most virulent and pathogenic microorganisms which are threats to U.S. military forces." ibid. The sixteen page document goes on to list some of the organism's and agents studied including " the Lassa fever virus, Ebola virus, various hemorrhagic fever viruses, botulism and anthrax toxins, T-2 and other mycotoxins, equine encephalomyelitis, Q fever, tularemia, yellow fever, and Rift valley fever". ibid 36=20

In l947 the World War Two Allies began the prosecution of twenty three German physicians, at Nuremberg, accused of committing crimes against humanity including human medical experimentation. U.S. Brigadier General Telford Taylor charged, in his opening remarks, that the defendants included "leaders of German scientific medicine with excellent international reputations" and that "all of them have in common a callous lack of consideration and human regard for, and an unprincipled willingness to abuse their power, over the poor, unfortunate, defenseless creatures who had been deprived of their rights by a ruthless and criminal government." (Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control p214 American Psychiatric Press London , l990) He added, the self-evident, that all of them had violated their Hippocratic oaths.16.=20


In one set of experiments, dogs were matched to burn victims, replicating the severity of burn on the patient by inflicting a similar level on the animal. The dogs and people than received similar treatments except the dogs were subjected to irradiation. Dr. Evans discovered that the irradiated dogs had a death rate five times higher than 18. unradiated control dogs. Then, in a scene out of Buchenwald, Dr. Evans injected patients at the three hospitals with radioactive isotopes which could have contributed to the destruction of the red blood cells in critically burned and frightened people fighting for survival. opcit The goal of these experiments was to learn the best treatment for casualties of a nuclear war.=20

The subjects were poor, black, and perilously vulnerable. These people believed they were being helped, the "treatment" they received had little to do with their injury's. This incident was a graphic illustration of the arrogance of power, institutionalized racism, and endemic corruption of elements of the U.S. state security apparatus, where crimes against humanity were perpetrated with morbid impunity. Presumably, Japanese medical authorities have conducted comprehensive studies of the effects of nuclear attack's on civilian targets and published much of their findings in the literature.=20

Between l953 and l958, African American patients of the Federal Addiction Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky, were given LSD (cockburn ibid) in an experiment which reported, in part, "the degree of rapport attained so far is not as great as we would expect with white subjects." Code named MK-ULTURA, this CIA funded experiment was launched to determine if LSD could be used in brainwashing, interrogations, or as a "truth serum". L.S.D. (lysergic sauer diethylamide) is a 19. hallucinogenic psychotomemetic substance which can have the effect of mimicking the symptoms of full blown psychosis. Many people experience illusions, hallucinations, acute anxiety, and have been known to becomesuicidal.* (US Dept. Of Justice Drugs,Crime and the Justice System.) Most of the subject's were heroin addicts incarcerated at Lexington for treatment of their narcotic habits. They were given double, triple, and quadruple doses for more than seventy five consecutive days. Their cooperation was encouraged with payment's of heroin and morphine. (cockburn)=20


Some days, it's nice to read Cockburn.

It's always nice to read you, 'Dreamy.
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