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Reply #99: "When Will They Ever Learn?"--Another Day, Another Attack of Male Hate [View All]

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Hidden Stillness Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-24-07 01:15 PM
Response to Original message
99. "When Will They Ever Learn?"--Another Day, Another Attack of Male Hate
I am so sick and tired of reading--especially on this "liberal" website--whenever a woman tries to make a protest against the constant degrading exploitation of male capitalism, the immediate, as-if-coordinated bellowing attack against her, until she either submits or leaves. It is "trivial," you are not even smart enough to know what oppresses you or makes you feel abused by the bigoted and the privileged, you are "repressed," you "hate males," you "hate women," you "hate the human body," you are "vindictive," you are "a prude," "What the FUCK, Not THIS AGAIN" as if you do not have a right to protest and this is not your country. Males and anyone bigoted against women are deluding themselves if they believe that women and girls are not angry and fed up at this corporate pseudo-culture that humiliates us, and you would do well to stop your manipulations and browbeating long enough to actually realize, apparently for the first time, that women often do not have the same perspective as males, at all.

The woman is an object, set up as being sold from one male to another male; she is not "celebrating her own sexuality," as males often stupidly put it, any more than the battered Linda Marchiano "enjoyed" making porn movies, as she described it all in "Ordeal." So obstinate are they in their own routine, so unwilling to listen, they they often, (and did again here), actually tell the woman, right to her face, that she has only "faux outrage," that she DOES NOT EVEN KNOW "what insults women"--and all of this, as according to the only experts on women, males! We have been listening to one form or another of this routine from arrogant, self-absorbed males all of our lives: our concerns will only detract from the real issues, why are you so extremist/vindictive/sexually repressed, for not submitting to a male-only standard of public society, etc. You don't even know what's good for you, if women win, we all lose, you should wear a BURQUA--haw! haw! haw!, as if there is no ground at all between male exploitation by semi-nudity and porn positioning, and, male oppression by complete covering and removal from society.

We are apparently only "allowed" to really fight, when males agree with us; when we turn to them and say, "You, too," and try nervously to explain their own bigotry and hypocrisy to them, and their enjoyment of our abuse, and our rage at this endless and unaddressed humiliation, (and if you think it is only this religion-hating website, then you lie again), then you understand the angry, hopeless feeling that millions of women have. Yelling and laughing at us won't make it go away this time either.
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