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comtec Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-29-07 07:02 AM
Response to Reply #1
188. Space material!
Bear with me.
Many years ago I had a thought experiment, what would be the best things to take to mars.
We are looking to colonize far away (or even on the moon) we want to take as little as possible, that is as useful as possible.
As far as I can tell, hemp would be mandatory. Both varieties (at the time I thought there was just the one variety).
You want both for their uses. Also, I learned, that Hemp produces a measure times MORE Oxygen than any other plant on the plant.
That is if we want to re-bair the lungs of our planet a good first step would be to plant a rather large amount of Hemp!
In space your ability to get advanced drugs would be very limited, especially in the beginning. If you were able to grow the basics, most of what is needed would be grown from MJ.

So between these two things, you'd also want to have a constant amount growing IN the ship, for simple air recycling - the pleasant earthy smell would be an added bonus - because as animals we need that reminder of our home world, especially in the blackness of space.
Additionally, you would want to be able to make as fertile soil as possible.

For that reason I also figured Peanuts would also be a mandatory crop - considering all that can be made form the peanut, and the fact that it replenishes soil! When you are looking to colonize multi-taskers that use as little resource as possible are necessary! And peanuts and Hemp are two vital components. Both make oil that can be used for synthetics, and fuel, etc. Additionally peanuts can be eaten, and spun in a a wide variety of foods, such as coffee. (in all honesty the first settlers will not be able to afford land to spend on Coffee beans in the beginning, and peanut coffee is realistically all they can grow).

After these and such low-impact crops like garlic, onions (sandy soil/sand are wonderful for these plants I've heard), you also would want to bring soy beans because of the amazing things you can do with Soy - not just bean curd, but oil, and the like. Soy can be made into flour, which is healthier, and as a multi tasker, uses less space in transit, etc. However i do not know how much work is required to cultivate Soy, i do know it is so useful it's probably worth it.

Rice, while healthy, uses too much man power and water. As I understand the REAL reason for the increase of slaves in the US was because of the rice fields in the south, not for picking cotton, since rice is VERY labor intensive both planting and cultivating.

A reasonable argument can be made for bringing chickens into space because of the meat/eggs yield per kilo of grain, but imho if the soy crops are done right, the protein that our bodies need for muscle growth, etc can be maintained. I think it's probably unlikely that a pure vegan diet is healthy for small children. Being omnivores denying that part of our physiology may have negative effects in the long run. This is something that should be looked into honestly, but it is unlikely because of the vegan insistence that meat-free is the only way to be, any reasonable evidence will immediately be tossed aside. On the same hand, it is unlikely the MEAT-NOW people will accept the results for the same reason.

We have all become far too spoiled on variety, and while variety is good, we also need to take a harsher look at what we eat, and what we can stop eating, or eat less of, because of ecological impact.

The holes in the Ozone are healing because we stopped using the harmful chemicals that caused it. We have time to repair the problems with the polar icecaps! (amazingly enough that would require many volcanoes going off. The fine particulates reflect sunlight and cause the earth to cool. That would give her time to rebuild the needed ice reserves on shore IMHO.

If we made massive hemp fields, we could greatly increase the amount of O2 in the atmosphere! Oh well. I'm assuming that people with the power to do so would WANT to improve the lot of the rest of us. Oh well. Looks like we're all going down in flames :(
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