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Reply #69: This thread is another sad reason why DU is mostly the fringe. [View All]

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liberalsoldier5 Donating Member (248 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-11-07 09:54 PM
Response to Original message
69. This thread is another sad reason why DU is mostly the fringe.
"Heresy" indeed. Let's hope nobody stumbles onto this site thinking we represent the Democratic Party in any way. Or anybody whose family member was killed in the attack. We'd be fucked.

Okay, now, as a proud mainstream Democrat, I'm going to try to explain this as easy as possible for the likes of "Tyler Durden" so they understand why the vast majority of his fellow Americans feel the way they do about 9/11.

On that day, OUR COUNTRY (not the big piece of grass we're on but our beloved nation) was attacked by a foreign ENEMY. Sick, twisted terrorists came to our country and MURDERED 3,000 innocent American civilians- all of them DELIBERATELY killed. Our planes and the innocent people in them were hijacked and used as fucking weapons against us! One of our nation's proudest landmarks was destroyed- New York City is now missing the freaking World Trade Center!! The attackers did not see us as red, blue, liberal, or conservative, but as AMERICANS. The fire, the smoke, the people screaming in the streets of NY and DC, the brave souls on Flight 93, the people jumping out of the towers to their death so that they didn't burn alive- ALL of this made 9/11 a unique, unbelievable, outrageous tragedy THAT CAN'T BE HONESTLY COMPARED TO ANYTHING ELSE.

Nothing. Not Katrina, not the tsunamis, not AIDS in Africa, not the bombing of women's clinics, not the Jena 6, not anything else because it was unlike anything else!

Americans of every political stripe were pissed because their countrymen and women were fucking murdered. The hunger for justice (if you need to call it revenge, fine) is a normal human desire. I, a Gore and Kerry voting Democrat, was pissed. I wanted justice. I put a flag outside my house after the attacks. And I have no regrets about it because MY COUNTRY and MY FELLOW AMERICANS were attacked and killed. I guess you can call it a simple feeling of patriotism (don't get too excited- I didn't support the Iraq war and don't want to bomb the shit out of Iran at all, I just love my country as I would expect a French person to love France).

If you really, truly can't understand any of this because you want one world government or whatever personal reason, then I'm afraid you just can't be helped.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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