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The best trick the GOP ever pulled: getting leftists to blame the Democrats for bad GOP policies [View All]

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jpgray Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-03-07 01:53 PM
Original message
The best trick the GOP ever pulled: getting leftists to blame the Democrats for bad GOP policies
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Edited on Wed Oct-03-07 01:54 PM by jpgray
The genius of this lie, as in most GOP PR endeavors, is its pleasing resemblance to the truth. And, of course, the tantalizing simplicity of exclusive, black-or-white thinking created by that lie is intoxicating. People don't like to think in grey areas, they prefer right or wrong, they label heroes and villains. Defining a group based on extreme behavior from a minority is hardly progressive, but it's too tempting to resist. Thus, with a few helpful marketing pushes, people are easily manipulated. Leftists are easily tricked into blaming bad policies on the party who opposed them most. How does this happen?

A minority of conservative/hawkish Democrats exists, and they enable the worst GOP policies. This is the ugly truth from which the GOP creates their productive lie. Focus on that problem is necessary, but at some point this focus has obliterated another operant truth: the core of any serious opposition to the worst GOP policies -always- comes from the Democrats. Who were the twenty-three senators opposed to IWR? Who pushed the investigation of Blackwater? Which party was most represented in opposition to the Lieberman/Kyl amendment? In nearly every case you can imagine, wherever a significant group of legislators opposes fascist policy, the majority of congresspeople defending our values will be Democrats. The majority of those consistently trying to -destroy- our values will always be Republicans.

So when exactly did we decide that a minority of ambitious, enabling cowards defined the entire party? How did the worst people in the party come to represent "Democratic" while a similar number of solid progressives in the party are ignored, or viewed as an aberration? And who benefits? Who has something to gain from having a small group of truly craven, spineless, unethical Democrats define the only party with a considerable number of true progressives?

I shouldn't need to answer that question. Republicans know the value of splitting the progressive vote well--witness their gleeful funding of Nader's campaigns.

So when you're yelling "Fuck the Democrats--they are nothing more than fascist-enablers and I can't vote for such a party," ask yourself to think specifically instead of generally. Is Al Gore a fascist enabler? Is Russ Feingold? Is Dennis Kucinich? Is John Conyers or Henry Waxman? Were the twenty-three senators opposed to the IWR fascist enablers? Were the nineteen opposed to Lieberman/Kyl fascist enablers? If no, you have to admit a significant percentage of the Democrats is -not- to be blamed for GOP bad policies, and in fact the Democrats can be credited with mounting the -only- significant opposition to those policies.

So again, who benefits when the only party that represents consistent opposition to the GOP gets blamed for their horrible policies? And why are leftists so eager to engage in broad-brush blaming of the entire party? Why make an uglier lie out of an already ugly truth?
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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