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Reply #18: SWOOSH AMERICA IS DUST [View All]

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clarence swinney Donating Member (673 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-01-07 06:05 PM
Response to Original message
The Bolton's create fear and destruction.

Osama Bib Laden said on one of first videotapes-I have had nightmares for years on watching Tall Buildings Fall in Beirut from shelling by Americans. I have dreamed of watching Tall Buildings fall in America.


It is reported (2-1-07)that we plan a Radar Tracking Station near Prague and Missiles in Poland
Remember Cuban missile crisis?
SPIN=IRAN = pure moogumboo
The Pentagon has admitted we cannot destroy Russian missiles in flight due to low heat emission engines and advanced decoys.
The solution is on LAUNCH---from nearby sites
Investors Business Daily reported in USA Today Opiniononline on 2-2-07 Russia this week said it hoped to have Irans Bushehre nuclear (energy)* plant up and running by September; in violation of UN Sanctions. *Authors note.

"Armageddon could occur if we attack Iran."

Senator McCain said that on TV 4-2-06.

I have been saying it for a year.

Gorbachev said last week--"America is intoxicated with its power"
Putin said-America has become an Imperialist Arrogant nation.
Top Two Russian military leaders said last year--"Do not bomb Iran".

USA Today 7-17-07-US warned to stay out of Central Asia.The leaders of Russia, China, Iran said it at the end of a summit attended by Putin, Chinese President Jintao, and the leaders of four former Soviet Central Asian nations. Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia are observer members of the group formed to counter US influence in the region.

This is Serious Talk.

Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- A U.S. military strike on Iran would have ``catastrophic consequences,'' Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said.
``Bomb attacks on Iran would be a wrong move leading to catastrophic consequences,'' Losyukov said in an interview with newspaper Vremya Novostei, published on the ministry's Web site.

Losyukov's remarks come two days after French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said the world should ``prepare for the worst'' in the crisis over Iran's nuclear program, and that ``the worst is war.'' In Moscow today, Kouchner said everything must be done to avoid war and called for all sides to ``negotiate, negotiate, negotiate without a break.''
Russian President Vladimir Putin is due in Tehran on Oct. 16 for a meeting of leaders of the countries bordering the Caspian Sea, and Losyukov was asked if Putin might be in danger from U.S. attacks if he attends. ``I think they will refrain before the summit, otherwise they'll have very serious problems,'' he replied.
It is serious time folks.

It will take 90 minutes (authors guess) for America to disappear.

200 ICBM=2,000 very powerful nuclear warheads=40 per state.

Seven stories underground-- one of many silos

Secretary of Defense William Perry visited the Silo. Aghast!

Target is America

Each ICBM loaded with multiple Nuclear Warheads.*

*(Correction4-20-06)this is incorrect.
Each ICBM has only one Nuke.
Bush-Yeltsin agreement in 1999 agreed on only one whereas before there were ten.
Verification is extensive. Not foolproof.
Our Air Force Experts visit their Silos frequently as they also visit ours.
All Nuclear Warhead Loaded ICBM are directed to fall in an ocean to prevent a mistake creating a war.

Nonetheless, 200 Nukes can destroy America.

How fast can they load 200 ICBM with 10 warheads on each?

How fast can they insert the Disk to target USA?

Pentagon says do not worry. We inspect. Yes! We have Air Force Inspectors at their silos as they have at ours.

Same type who said Pearl Harbor attack was impossible.

Russian First Deputy Minister of Defense stated 5-30-07-We have tested an ICBM that hit a target 3400 miles away. It can penetrate any missile defense system. It was fired from a mobile launcher.

Much of the World is very, very angry with America's current leadership.
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