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Reply #194: Definitely Syndicate (Silician mafia), the main Cocaine Import partners [View All]

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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-02-07 03:26 PM
Response to Reply #193
194. Definitely Syndicate (Silician mafia), the main Cocaine Import partners
Good search engine. The company is associated with "LAS VEGAS GAMING LLP, Delinquent October 1, 2005" and there are quite a number of other possible money landering firms.

We already saw that it was Cali cartel and that's Joe Bonanno who is part of the Shackley's rogue CIA.

loisbatt (former coworker of Myron DuBain who was a partner of Willy Hilliard)
Wed Jul-12-06 02:01 AM


I want to offer you a framework -- while a lot of this "started a long time ago," an excellent year to select for institutionalized dealings is 1973. This is when the Saudis had us over the barrel, with huge debt and high oil prices, and Team B was formed under the Nixon administration (includes Kissinger, Brzezenski, Carlucci, and the usual suspects) followed by creation of JECOR (Joint Economic Commission) about which both John Perkins ("Confessions of an Economic Hitman") and Gerald Posner ("Secrets of the Kingdom") comment. JECOR. This Commission oversaw the distribution of interest from the billions upon billions in U.S. Treasury notes purchased by the Saudis.

Since the Saudis could not accept interest (Faisal was king at the time), the money was kept in the U.S. and given without bids to various corporations for the development of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. The biggest contractors, who received awards without bids, were Bechtel, Brown & Root, Kellogg, Haliburton (under Cheney, Haliburton acquired Brown & Root and Kellogg), Allied Waste Management, Vinnell, Fluor, and even Kaiser Permanente for a health care system.

After JECOR, it was George H.W. Bush as DCIA, without the knowledge and consent of President Ford, who in 1976 created "The Safari Club" (former intelligence agents of U.S., France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, until the Shah was overthrown in 1979 and beheaded Nasser Moghadam, head of SAVAK). This was a scheme to envelope and involve the wealth of the Saudis in action plans of Team B, rogue operations.

In 1976, Joe Bonanno decided to go into cocaine "big time" and nurtured along the Cali to rival the Medellin, though operations of the rogue "Company" led by Ted Shackley were underway earlier. But having Joe on board is what it took for the guns/drugs end of our present woes. Organized crime began to include the Saudis in much of what they did. Also, 1973 is when James A. Baker III's family bank, Texas Commerce Bancshares needed to be bailed out, so Khaled Abdullah, a brother-in-law of Fahd, provided the capital.

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