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Reply #177: The Bush Junta recently changed the purpose of its multi-billion $$ military aid to Colombia [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-29-07 04:19 PM
Response to Reply #145
177. The Bush Junta recently changed the purpose of its multi-billion $$ military aid to Colombia
from the "war on drugs" to the "war on drugs and the war on terra." But the rightwing paramilitaries, who are connected to the rightwing military (recipients of all this U.S. taxpayer largess), and very closely tied to the rightwing Uribe government (Bush's pals), are responsible for 95% of the deaths in Colombia's civil war (with FARC--armed leftist guerrillas), according to reports by humanitarian groups--often deaths of completely innocent parties (union organizers, peasant farmers, political leftists). So WHAT "war on terra" are these billions of our taxpayer dollars intended to fight?

Chiquita just got caught (and fined!!!!@#$!--by the Bush Junta) for paying millions to rightwing paramilitaries, to eliminate union organizing. Also, Blackwater has been active in Colombia, recruiting and training Colombian mercenaries for Iraq.

Someone upthread asked, what the hell does the Bush Junta need cocaine profits for, since they have an open bank vault in Washington DC (other than that coke/heroine are one of their traditional profit centers)? That is, why all this NEW activity?

I think it's for the OTHER war--the one they're planning against the Andes democracies (Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador--and possibly extended to other leftist governments, Argentina, Brazil...). People who are unaware of the sea change in South America--with leftist (majorityist) governments elected in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay and also Nicaragua, a leftist coming within a hairsbreadth--0.05%--of winning the presidency of Mexico last year, and leftists poised to win in Paraguay and possibly Guatemala this year (and eventually Peru)--may not realize what a profound threat this huge democracy and social justice movement poses to global corporate predator interests, and how very much they need to defeat it, to continue their ungodly profit from this continent (in both extraction of natural resources and use of sweatshop and farm slave labor, and illicit drug and weapons trade).

They are working on all kinds of destabilization tactics--which democracies, of course, are vulnerable to (being open societies)--including all sorts of phony USAID-funded "opposition" groups in Venezuela and Bolivia, who stage "riots" and implement Bushite/CIA plots (2002--plot to overthrow the democratically elected Chavez government and install a rightwing military junta; a few years later--plot to cripple Venezuela with an oil professionals' strike; 2006--plot to publish phony polls that Chavez didn't win the Dec. '06 election (--he won with 63% of the vote, in highly monitored elections), instigate "riots" and once again install a rightwing junta; currently--plot by rich rural landowners in Bolivia to split off oil/gas-rich rural provinces from the central government, so that profits from these resources will not benefit the poor, and will benefit the rich elite and international cartels ("riots," agitation, use of rightwing thugs, use of corporate news media); another probable plot--attempt to embarrass/topple both the Chavez and Kirchner governments (Venezuela, Argentina--which are close allies) with "a suitcase full of cash" boarded onto a diplomatic plane by a mysterious operative. (There is zero evidence that either government is corrupt.)

A common theme of the Bolivarian democracies (Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador) is anti-U.S. "war on drugs." Evo Morales (first indigenous president of Bolivia) was in fact a small coca leaf grower himself, as were his parents. It is a traditional medicine. He campaigned with a wreath of coca leaves around his neck, to emphasize its sacredness to indigenous culture, and his opposition to U.S. toxic pesticide spraying--which kills peasant farmers' food crops, and animals, and damages human DNA--and other murderous activities (on behalf of the big drug lords and U.S. corps).

Thus, there are multiple reasons to destroy democracy in these countries, and reinstall fascist cooperators with U.S.-based global corporations.

We get hardly any news of this social justice movement here--huge as it is in Latin America, and with so many electoral victories in South America. So, many of us may not realize its importance, and what this may mean as to Bush Junta war planning. While they are off destroying Iraq and trying to steal Iraq's and Iran's oil, democracy has reared its beautiful head in the southern half of the western hemisphere and is threatening these very shores. (What if the people of the U.S. decide they want democracy, too? Good God!)

The fascist need to extinguish this trend is very great. None of their typical tactics have worked in South America. And there is overwhelming evidence that their coup plots, etc., have backfired--and have infused these new leftist leaders and their vast number of supporters with yet more determined solidarity.

So, if you were Donald Rumsfeld, what would YOU do? Create a mercenary army, based in Colombia, for border incursions against Venezuela and Ecuador (to keep the pressure on, while other destabilization efforts and plots mature), buy up a huge compound in Paraguay as launching pad for Bolivia (and beef up the U.S. military airbase nearby, with U.S. taxpayer money), and run drugs for the additional billions you can't squeeze from the increasingly debt-ridden, Mideast war-focused U.S. treasury. Also, go to any lengths (including stealing presidential elections) to retain some client states (Mexico, Peru--and likely Guatemala, alas), through which to push the drugs/weapons traffic (including "free trade" profits to local rich elites; "aid" intended for the poor, to be ripped off by the rich, and some of the cream of "war on drugs" money to local rightwing groups and military cabals) .

I'm not saying they will succeed in a war on South America. I don't think they will. But that doesn't mean they can't cause a lot of havoc and suffering. And, as we know with the Bush Junta, that doesn't mean they aren't planning it, and won't try.

We think an attack on Iran is a threat, and it surely is. But what about "under the radar" preparations for war against our southern neighbors? No troops? Don't need 'em. Got mercenaries. Not enough money? Got drugs and weapons trafficking. Opposition by the American people (70% of whom oppose the Iraq War)? 1) Got Diebold/ES&S; and 2) Got vast ignorance about Latin America here (and hatred fueled by war profiteering corporate news monopoly disinformation campaigns against Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez, and against brown-skinned immigrants).

We need to look not just at evidence of Bush Junta drug trafficking, but also at WHY. Is it being orchestrated with a war plan? Not just greed. Not just love of torture, murder, chaos and injustice. But generating revenue, and getting systems and infrastructure in place, for their OTHER war? I think there is evidence and a good argument for the latter.

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