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Reply #167: Wanted Poster / Where's Robert Lady [View All]

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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-29-07 01:59 AM
Response to Reply #29
167. Wanted Poster / Where's Robert Lady


Since fleeing Italy in about January 2005, Robert Lady has lived at his father's old addresses in Valle de Angeles, Honduras, and Punta Gorda, Florida. He has visited Spain and Switzerland as well as Honduras. Lady has been spotted in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC (on monthly visits to the CIA headquarters) and in Italian restaurants in the East Village section of Manhattan.,1518,472537,

The PHOTO of Lady was taken after September 2003. Lady is reported to be a big man (height and girth) and to have a gray or graying beard and mustache. He is supposedly affable and outgoing. He speaks fluent Italian and Spanish (his mother was a Honduran and he was raised in Honduras) and may seek to blend into a Latino community.

He may dye his hair, shave facial hair, or effect other disguises. The PHOTO of Lady was taken early in 2004.

Do not attempt to apprehend: Lady was trained in firearms use and hand-to-hand combat as a New York City policeman (in the 1970s) and by the CIA (beginning about 1980).

Lady was born in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) on May 21, 1954, to WIlliam (Billy, Bill) Seldon and Maria Lady. He is a US citizen. His last address in Italy was via Don Bosco n. 40, in Penango (AT).



The light-haired man whom Robert Lady is so friendly with in the PHOTO shows how unreliable intelligence agencies are. The guy later betrayed Lady and will testify against him. He is Luciano Pironi, another defendant and a member of the Italian military police (the Carabinieri, a uniformed police unit that serves a dual civilian-military function such as President Bush is instituting in the U.S.). According to court documents which formed part of the initial investigation, Luciano Pironi stopped Abu Omar to ask for his identity papers, and while checking them he led Abu Omar to a white van, into which he was pulled by two American agents. As part of a plea bargain, Pironi admitted to participating in the Imam Rapito, ratted out his friend Robert Seldon Lady, and received a 21-month prison sentence



The torture of imam Abu Omar included:

In the white van, he was beaten by the CIA goons until foam poured out of his mouth. The goons detected a cardiac event and, worried that Nasr might die before he could be tortured in Egypt into cooperating, began administering chest compression.

Once he was in the hands of the Gypsy intelligence service, they hung him upside down and administered many electric shocks, especially in the head area.

They applied electric shocks to his balls.

Gypsy perverts played with his genitals a la Abu Ghraib and threatened him with rape (as CIA voyeurs watched?).

He was exposed to incredibly loud music that caused him to lose hearing in one ear.

He was crippled in one leg by beatings and has difficulty walking.

He was kept in a dank cell in darkness; and rats and roaches crawled over his body day and night.

He was made to lie on a wet mattress to which electricity was applied.
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