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Reply #155: I have direct experience with contractors who reported witnessing cocaine being loaded and unloaded [View All]

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AikidoSoul Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-28-07 11:07 PM
Response to Reply #101
155. I have direct experience with contractors who reported witnessing cocaine being loaded and unloaded
Edited on Fri Sep-28-07 11:09 PM by AikidoSoul
from C-130 type cargo planes at Palmerolla AFB in Honduras during the 1980s. I lived there with my spouse and worked under the auspices of the American Embassy. The work situation was paid by a corporation that was under contract with the military, Dod, and NSA at different times during that period.

At first we thought the contractors had to be mistaken about what they had seen, but they insisted it was cocaine. There were three contractors who reported this over a period of two years. These were wide-eyed young guys had high ideals. They had initially been wooed by companies working as contractors for DoD, NSA and the U.S. military and were convinced that they were working for the highest ideals of the United States of America. What was so striking about their descriptions of what they saw -- cocaine cargo loaded and unloaded -- were their shaky, disturbed utterings. They were obviously shattered by what they saw. They were sick with disgust and worry... and became increasingly disturbed over the course of their tenure there. One of them was pale and had tears when he described what he saw happen. They all ended up quitting. It was apparent to me that they had no choice because of the sheer emotional impact this had on them and their pre-conceived notions of what the United States stood for.

Since we did not witness these events with our own eyes, we made note of what they said and filed it away. We considered it here-say simply because we could not directly corroborate it -- but the fact that three persons reported the same thing had a great impact on us.

It took one more experience to radicalize us forever.

It was another U.S. instigated horror (purposeful devaluation of the Honduran Lempira currency with the prior knowledge of the rich elite -- who used this knowledge to kill off the middle class. Rich Honduran elites purchased millions of $$$ and stored them in Miami banks so they could swoop down on the newly evolved middle class that was wiped out by the Honduran currency devaluation. These predators fed on the new struggling middle class like vultures, buying up their new businesses and homes for pennies because the evolving middle class could no longer afford them.

We knew about this because a very rich Honduran (our landlord) told us how he had taken all his Lempira and purchased U.S. dollars and then put his dollars safely in Miami banks ...just like the rest of the very rich Hondurans. These creeps had all been alerted about this plan. He talked blithely about it because he thought we were in on it!

We were sickened by it. We immediately decided to quit and never work as contractors for the U.S. government again. It was over.

We went into our own business. Not only that but we became radicalized by our experiences. Totally, thoroughly radicalized.

It wasn't until years later that the reports by those young contractors about the cocaine shipments in Honduras -- were corroborated by Mike Levine in his book "The Big White Lie".

Later it was Gary Webb and his series at the San Jose Mercury News. At first Webb's editors backed him up until huge pressure from the CIA was exerted on them and they turned on Webb -- who eventually committed suicide, or possibly was suicided.

We'll probably never know the truth about what really happened to Gary Webb.

Here's a description yanked from the web on two Levine books about the CIA and drug smuggling, and bout the complicity of the U.S. government in ALLOWING drugs to be smuggled as long as it SUPPORTED its agenda (right wing control and subjugation of leftists, and continued support of right-wing agendas):

Levine, Michael. The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic -- An Undercover Odyssey. New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993. 472 pages.

And from WikiPedia (this checks out fine):

Michael Levine is a former senior United States law enforcement agent and has been called "America's top undercover cop for 25 years" by 60 Minutes. A 25 year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) he has gained much attention for his criticisms of the CIA and the DEA. He has even gone as far as claiming the CIA created La Corporacion, the "General Motors of cocaine".

Levine has testified as an expert witness in 500 civil and criminal trials internationally and domestically. He is a signatory to the 9/11 Truth Statement. <1>

Since 1995, he has hosted "The Expert Witness Radio Show" on the flagship station of the Pacifica Radio Network, WBAI-FM in New York.


Michael Levine's earlier book, Deep Cover, occasionally mentioned CIA double-dealing in the war against drugs. Now this theme is his central thesis. Levine is a 25-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration, whose career included undercover work in Argentina at the time of the 1980 "Cocaine Coup" in Bolivia. In this book Levine places his anti-drug war in its proper context, and concludes that it was futile. In Argentina the CIA was assisting a brutal junta, which was responsible for "disappearing" its own citizens, and in Bolivia the scheming of longtime CIA asset Klaus Barbie helped put Luis Arce Gomez into power. To top it off, the well-connected Argentinean and Bolivian fascists behind it all just happened to be some of the same people that boy scout Levine was trying to bust. Needless to say, he didn't get his merit badge, and was ordered back to headquarters.
Back in the U.S. by early 1982, working out of DEA headquarters, Levine was disillusioned. DEA was harassing him with a nit-picking internal affairs investigation while drug lords were running governments. Levine settled for working a sting to entice Bolivia's queen of cocaine, Sonia Atala, into a U.S. prison. But she too was CIA-protected, and ended up in the witness protection program, waiting to return to Bolivia with all of her vast property holdings intact.
ISBN 1-56025-064-X

Kick and recommend.

This is a VERY hot thread.

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