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Reply #13: From what I've read about Colombia, it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-28-07 02:48 AM
Response to Reply #5
13. From what I've read about Colombia, it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on
union organizers (chainsawed, body parts thrown into mass graves), small peasant farmers and political leftists (tortured and killed), and what's really going on is, a) pushing small farmers off their land--with pesticide spraying, torture and murder--so the big drug lords and corps like Chiquita and Monsanto can control the land; b) elimination of union organizers/intimidation of workers, on behalf of Chiquita, for instance (Chiquita just paid 25 million bucks to the Bush Junta, to buy them out of a wrongful death suit brought in the U.S. by family members of poor people whom Chiquita execs had paid rightwing paramilitaries to kill), and c) major drug and weapons trafficking fostered by Bush pouring BILLIONS of our tax dollars in military aid into the extremely corrupt, rightwing Uribe gov't.

The "war on drugs" may never have been anything more than a boondoggle for the war industry (including mercenaries--Blackwater is in Colombia, recruiting and training people for Iraq), but you can imagine just how corrupt it has become with the Bushites in charge. The Uribe gov't (Bush's pals) has been hit with a huge scandal (uncovered by courageous prosecutors, judges and humanitarian groups) about the very close ties between the Uribe gov't (president, head of the military, former head of security, etc.) to the rightwing paramilitaries who have been murdering leftists and have been involved in big drug trafficking.

And I don't imagine it's much different in Mexico, which is also receiving billions in military aid for the murderous and phony "war on drugs." In both cases, the package includes "free trade" (global corporate predation). "Free trade" impoverishes the bulk of the people; military aid then deals with protests and revolts. This is just what happened in Oaxaca, last year; "free trade" squeeze on the poorest workers--in this case, led by the teachers' union--and on small peasant farmers; a peaceful revolt gets organized and powerful and has staying power (six months!); fascist governor uses rightwing paramilitaries to kidnap, torture and kill union organizers, community elders, etc.; then federal police are sent in, on the side of the murdering governor, with top-of-the-line military equipment to cs gas the town, and crush the peaceful revolt. And now the rightwing election thief president of Mexico wants MORE billions from the U.S. for MORE helicopters, tanks, rifles, surveillance equipment, the lot.

The "war on drugs" is a dirty rotten racket, from top to bottom, from Colombia, where it funds rightwing death squads and promotes big drug and weapons trafficking, and big corporate interests, through several Bush client states (Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, et al) to the U.S. and our police state (the "prison-industrial complex")--and it wouldn't at all surprise me if the drugs were coming in through Guantanamo Bay. We are being tyrannized by the worst "mafia" the world has ever seen, in case anyone is under any delusions about what our government has become.

So I would argue with your phraseology--"we are fighting a nasty war on drugs down there" (in Colombia). It's not "we." The America people would vomit if they knew what was going on "down there." And it certainly is nasty--and much more, brutal, horrible--but it's not a "war on drugs." It's a war on the poor.

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