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Know your BFEE: Bush has Killed a Million Innocent People for Their Oil. [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-14-07 10:13 PM
Original message
Know your BFEE: Bush has Killed a Million Innocent People for Their Oil.
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The Iraqi people had nothing to do with September 11.

Yet, they committed the "sin" of living on top of the Bush Crime Familys precious oil.

And like all who get close to the drunken cheerleader, they must pay the price.

Poll: Civilian toll in Iraq may top 1M

A British survey offers the highest estimate to date. At least 4 die in a Sadr City car bombing.

By Tina Susman
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 14, 2007

BAGHDAD -- A car bomb blew up in the capital's Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City on Thursday, killing at least four people, as a new survey suggested that the civilian death toll from the war could be more than 1 million.

The figure from ORB, a British polling agency that has conducted several surveys in Iraq, followed statements this week from the U.S. military defending itself against accusations it was trying to play down Iraqi deaths to make its strategy appear successful.

The military has said civilian deaths from sectarian violence have fallen more than 55% since President Bush sent an additional 28,500 troops to Iraq this year, but it does not provide specific numbers.

According to the ORB poll, a survey of 1,461 adults suggested that the total number slain during more than four years of war was more than 1.2 million.

ORB said it drew its conclusion from responses to the question about those living under one roof: "How many members of your household, if any, have died as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003?"

Based on Iraq's estimated number of households -- 4,050,597 -- it said the 1.2 million figure was reasonable.


A million innocent people. Those are NAZI numbers.

Yet that doesn't stop Wall Street from cheerleading for the crazy monkey.

The Turning Point

War In Iraq

September 14, 2007: 08:05 PM EST
Investor's Business Daily delivered by Newstex

Years from now, people will look back on last week as truly historic. It began with Gen. David Petraeus' fact-filled account of our success on the ground, and it ended with President Bush making the case, stronger than ever, for finishing the job.

Petraeus' detailed report seems particularly damning to those who oppose our mission in Iraq. Clearly, a major change has occurred there. Petraeus' words make it clear al-Qaida is on the run. Yes, he confirmed, we're winning -- and he backed up his conclusion with facts. Among them:

"Security incidents" since the surge began in mid-June have fallen in eight of the past 12 weeks. Attacks in the past two weeks were the lowest since April 2006.

Civilian deaths, excluding natural causes, have plunged 45% in Iraq since December, and by a whopping 70% in Baghdad.

"Ethnosectarian" deaths -- basically, deaths resulting from Sunni-Shiite-Kurdish religious and ethnic strife -- have plummeted 55% in the same period.

Attacks in once-deadly Anbar Province are off 85% -- from 1,350 in October 2006, during the peak of violence there, to just over 200 in August. This is due to the U.S. "hearts and minds" campaign to win Sunnis over to the war against al-Qaida.

U.S. troops have captured the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, killed or captured almost 100 other terrorist leaders, and killed or captured 2,500 fighters over the past eight months.


What a load of hooie.

The Military-Industrial Complex runs on petroleum.

It has since the dawn of mechanized armies.

OIL - Modern WAR GOD Threatens the World

Black gold, precious underground liquid, is food for the modern war machine. Deprived of it, a nations military campaign is threatened with failure. Will oil become an instrument to enforce peace or to cause war?

WITHIN the last few decades, oil has changed from an almost unknown and unnecessary commodity to one of the worlds most vitally needed materials. Oil, unlike nitroglycerin, has always been an innocent, viscous fluid used for lubrication and fuel. But harmless petroleum, like Dr. Jekyll, has undergone a startling transformation. Oil may yet be the means whereby the flaming torch of war is carried across the world.

Behind this strange tale of oil lies historys most spectacular conflict and the interlacing network of European diplomacy. The Ethiopian campaign of Italy, the advancement of science, agreements among world powers these factors seem in a fair way to change petroleum from a respectable citizen of the economic world to a brigand and an outlaw or an enforcer of peace.

In Ethiopia is now being waged a battle between modern military tactics and ancient cunninga struggle between scientific mechanism of war on one hand and terrific natural obstacles combined with native guerrilla warfare on the other. Italys 300,000 fighting men in East Africa are attempting to close in on the wild domain of Ethiopias King of Kings and his barefooted tribesmen. But without oil and its by-products the men of Mussolini would fail.

Italys soldiers embarked from their homeland in troopships that burned oil. Italys warships, which safeguard her position in the Mediterranean, fuel with oil. Her motorized artillery, her trucks, her tanksall these depend completely on oil and gasoline. Nor can Il Duces planes make bombing sorties over the Ethiopian wilderness without these essential petroleum products. Mussolinis whole scheme of war is built around oiland Italy, the poorest of major powers in natural resources, has no oil of her own.

Italys strengthher superior machinery of waris also her weakness. It makes her utterly dependent on oiloil which she must buy from other nations. And her supply of oil is now imperilled by the threat of sanctions which may be imposed by other powers.


That was in the 1930s.

Air Force and Navy flyers still need a full tank to deliver a full bomb load.

And war is still the most profitable racket there is.

Unfortunately, the good men and women of the United States military didn't sign up so Exxon could pocket $100 million a day.

They signed up to defend, protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States -- a very different thing, from the perspective of We the People.
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