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Reply #86: Some of it I understand, much I do not -- very time consuming to following . . .. [View All]

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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-26-07 01:53 AM
Response to Reply #83
86. Some of it I understand, much I do not -- very time consuming to following . . ..
Thanks for the response -- I really don't want to waste your time; but I'll comment anyway . . .

Yes -- Rove may be working now thru Halliburton/Dubai -- or sitting in his library bouncing off who knows what??? Obviously, their intent was to not use regular channels. In fact, doesn't much of the Iraq stuff go thru CIA/Langley???? Saudi's must have a few websites -- !!!!

If they were using methods outside of US they would want to be sure not monitored except by them.
Military/Pentagon secrecy would enable that; especially with Cheney's talents at manipulation with Pentagon/DOJ. Negroponte might have had a few ideas. Friends out of government now.
People who aren't suspected; not receiving subpeonas.
Certainly we're not talking about faxes . . . are we???
For all we know, they may have been using some real estate office to run their messages thru?
Some church -- the Vatican. Some part of CIA channels?

There are websites with voice transmissions?

If you look at GOP propaganda . . . it was simple, secret and not believable . . . but they and maybe still are sending recorded instructions with msg for every GOPer to follow. And, those "stay on message" messages seem to go back to even the time of Nixon. So they're well trained in this.

Like the support letters for Libby; someone has to generate the original material/idea --
Presume that comes from top down -- it begins "non-discussion."

Besides an ordained order/number of participants there also have to be passwords/codewords --
info on access. And . . . eventually someone has to pay the bill?

I doubt it could mean that people have to physically leave their offices to play the game?
Laptops are really transportable now -- ???

Re identity -- think the link says that guy KNOWS who's posting -- the mystery guy's identity.
Can you confirm that?

The guy doesn't seem like an egoist -- he seems to genuinely be pointing, but more like he's missing some key to this. He has some insight, some suspicions -- any more, I have no way of knowing.

Re this --
QUOTE . . . .
Also, he seems to promulgate the idea that the domestic surveillance is being stripped of individual identification, hence made legal to read. If anything in all this is a red herring, perhaps it is this view in support of the Bush spying. My informant on this says it is piped overseas, where US law does not apply. If true, that is the huge secret! Any statements that the captured communications are being altered to make them legal to read seems the smoke screen, if what my informant said is true. This is the sort of program that would fit the scenario with Mueller, Comey, resigning, and that would place the telecommunication companies in the US in legal jeopardy because their actions in the conspiracy to evade the law takes place inside the US. It fits the known facts about the installations at the telecoms.UNQUOTE

Understand, but doesn't seem sufficient for the fear --
They're sweeping away their footprints -- making things legal after the fact; which will also get AT&T off the hook. It's their MO.

And, in fact, the Congress seemed to get really fearful after it passed the last junk on FISA.
Wants to go back and redo it -- change it. There was a sense of emergency -- ???

Re Rove and the website . . . which I've scanned before; not in full --
What I'm asking is if their networks are down; if their networks are dangerous right now;
Could Rove be out trying to establish new networks? New ways of communicating?
For all I know Tim Griffin has an aunt with a website they all use . . .
but there have to be crumbs falling and a trail and stuff that can be picked up --

Right now, for all we know, the Congress may have hit into the vein and are reading their communications????

Now . . . coming back again . . . doesn't the FISA Court have to know WHO/WHAT/WHEN specifically re permission to wiretap? Indicating a list????

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