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Reply #45: Then find the subpoena for the emails [View All]

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Tansy_Gold Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-24-07 11:26 PM
Response to Reply #40
45. Then find the subpoena for the emails
Find the grand jury. Find the subpoena. Put details out here for us to see. These should be public information, verdad? _Inside information_ about the IT dept isn't good enough.

I just sat down with my boyfriend and asked him about this in hypothetical terms. "Suppose you were a government insider and you had crucial information you wanted to leak. How would you go about it?" He's not into politics, but he knows computers. So he came up with the usual means -- contact a trusted reporter at a trusted newspaper -- and then offered some _secure_ ways to do that. We hashed over the old Deep Throat "follow the money" routine. But when I suggested that the information might be put out via a public message board in mysterious code, he laughed. Out loud.

"Why would you put it out to the public, or worse, out to the _enemy_? Why give them any opportunity to scotch it, or worse, find out who you are, what you know, what you're doing? Oh, you can use a remote server or even a couple of different computers or whatever, but you got no fucking guarantee your boss isn't watching the very places you'd be posting it. Get real!"

You think I'm trying to sabotage this Hunt for Red Herring? No, not really. I don't care how long any of you want to spend on this. If you, Coyote, or anyone else can come up with some concrete revelations, I'd be more than happy to change my tune. But I don't think it's gonna happen.

Here's the scenario I posed to the boyfriend:

"Suppose you're a high level white house staffer and you've long believed the official line about the integrity of the boooooshies. Then one day you discover a copy of an email that provides clear evidence that karl rove directed the whole U.S. Attorneys' firings, and he did it to protect several influential republican congressmen who were about to be indicted for connection in an election rigged by touch-screen voting machines. You are so shocked, you go into denial for a while but then you decide you want to get the information out there. The problem is, if you do it too blatantly, you run the risk of revealing who you are and maybe losing your job. You need to keep your job if you want to provide more information. So -- HOW DO YOU LEAK THIS INFORMATION AND PROTECT YOURSELF AT THE SAME TIME?

"Do you do post cryptic messages on a public message board, messages so cryptic that no one even knows what you're talking about? Do you lead them via round-about trails to information that's not only irrelevant but considered common knowledge?"

His answer was "Of course not."

This thread started with a request that everyone look not at Deep Modem's status as a _mystery_ poster but rather at the information she/he has actually posted. This is the third such thread I've followed, and I haven't seen ANY information revealed beyond stuff that's far from anything remotely controversial.

Someone asked "We need a list of the people who have been bugged!" Does anyone have any evidence that there's been _bugging_ of any kind? To what end? What's happened to the people who have been bugged? What actions have been taken as a result of the bugging?

Look, if you or I had really valuable inside information, we would NOT post it in public fora. We would go to someone like Sy Hersh who has the resources and the connections to substantiate our claim and at the same time protect us from discovery. We might know ways to keep our identity secret, via remote servers and all that other wifi stuff that I don't know shit about, or we might ask others for information about how to keep such information "safe."

The last thing a serious inside leaker is going to do is put the incriminating evidence out there for all to see. He/she has more brains than to risk that the administration would find it.

I know, I know, I know. It's been a big thrill to think we've all been on a real treasure hunt, that we've all been _entrusted_ by Deep Modem with getting to the bottom of the mystery and saving democracy from the evil depredations of the boooosh-cheeeeeney fascists. Maybe it will all turn out to have been an experiment by some psychology prof to see how people react when tempted by the possibility of being in on the downfall of the regime.

But ask yourself, in all honesty, has anything really been discovered, or have a lot of people wasted a lot of time and energy on something that is going nowhere? And in the meantime, have they been distracted from . . . . . something else?

You make comments about the people attempting to distract the Deep Modem support team, but did you ever think that Deep Modem is the distraction? Look to see what he/she may be distracting you from.

El ojo que ves no es ojo porque t lo veas; es ojo porque te ve.

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