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Lydia Leftcoast Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-18-07 08:48 PM
Response to Original message
68. My heresies

1. The dumbing down of American culture and worsening standards of public behavior are NOT the fault of "coddling by liberals" but by the desire of commercial interests to keep people mean, dumb, and gullible enough to buy the sponsor's products. Where in the media is mean, crude, brainless behavior modeled?(Hint: Not PBS.)

2. The communities where the "culture of poverty" is most entrenched are precisely those which used to have blue collar jobs that paid a living wage and no longer do.

3. The U.S. no longer has the highest standard of living in the world.

4. Military expenditures are the reason that Americans feel that they pay high taxes and get nothing in return. Military expenditures, repayment of the debt caused by military expenditures, and veterans' services take up 85% of the general fund (the money raised through income taxes). Everything else--EVERYTHING else except Social Security and Medicare--comes out of the remaining 15%.

5. Professional sports and reality TV are the opiate of the people.

6. The arts are just as good for teaching discipline and teamwork and for raising self-esteem as are sports, perhaps better, and they can be enjoyed and improved upon throughout one's entire life, unlike, say, football or basketball. People paint, sculpt, play instruments, act, and write creatively into their 80s and 90s.

7. Traffic is a self-inflicted wound upon people who voluntarily choose to live in the outer burbs and drive long distances to work. There is no reason to disrupt the lives of city dwellers to alleviate it.

8. You may be better off not buying a house and instead investing in something else.

9. A healthy adult should be able to walk a mile without feeling as if he or she has accomplished some great feat, and one definitely does not need to drive a two-block trip.

10. Each car you get rid of raises your disposable income by a minimum of $3000--tax free.

11. If a man has trouble attracting women, it's not because he's "too nice." Assuming that he doesn't look or smell unwashed, it's probably because he's bland and boring.

12. The few cents per item that you save by shopping at WalMart are not worth the destruction of your town's economy.

13. The parents who can't curb their child's misbehavior when the child is four are the same ones who wonder where they went wrong when said child is fourteen and stays out all night binge drinking.

14. If you use "discomfort" as a reason for avoiding other races and ethnicities, you're a racist.

15. Americans do not value education. They value job training. They want their children to qualify for a good job but do not want them to become intellectuals. They believe that there is something wrong with a child who "reads too much."
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