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Reply #73: Don't Condemn People Who Simply Are Not Strong Enough To Forgive [View All]

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PoconoPragmatist Donating Member (449 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-22-07 07:39 AM
Response to Original message
73. Don't Condemn People Who Simply Are Not Strong Enough To Forgive
This woman, before she "embraced gay youth" etc...she hurt a hell of a lot of people with her hypocritical religiousity. some people who get hurt simply are not able to forgive. they are not strong enough.

I tend to be of this type. To me...forgiveness is telling the wrongdoer - it's okay, here, do it to me again!! Which is why I generally can't forgive those who have hurt me - in spite of what the Bible, or Jesus says...despite the fact I know it supposedly "makes me a bigger, better person." sometimes, I just don't want to be a bigger, better person...I simply want revenge. I want to hurt that person every bit as bad as they hurt me. I want them to suffer the way they made me suffer.

Does that make me a horrible person? No. It makes me human...and it makes me someone who is hurting very badly.

SO...if YOU are a real DU'er...instead of condemning those "grave dancers" why not show some compassion for them instead? They are hurting. Why not help heal their hurt...and perhaps, someday, after their hurting is healed...they can then become the "better people" you seem to think every Democrat or DU'er ought to be.

I've been there. Hurt is real. Being hurt is not easy to forgive. Despite that we may know it is the "right" thing to do...sometimes, there is such satisfaction in revenge...and in seeing someone who hurt us "get theirs." Yeah, you might think that is sick...but I understand where those people are coming from.

Maybe you never were GLBT...never were oppressed, hated, ostracized, denied your civil rights, human liberties and dignities, just because someone did not like "your lifestyle" as if it was a choice!! maybe you don't know what that feels like and how much it hurts.

I'm sorry for Tammy one really deserves to go the way she did...and yes, in her later life, she did see the light, and become a more compassionate, caring, loving person who, yes, did enbrace even gay youth...becoming far more "Christian" than she ever was while with Jim. but I can't condemn the "grave dancers." They are hurting. I can show them compassion. I can show them love, strength, courage, and hope. Perhaps someday, they might become the "better people" you desire.

But condemning them isn't going to make them become the "better people" you desire. It is only going to hurt them more and drive them away. Instead of condemning them...why not prove YOUR DUism, by showing your compassion instead?

What a novel concept!!
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