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Reply #134: Some other examples of Iranian justice for women [View All]

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Progressive_In_NC Donating Member (448 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-22-07 01:04 PM
Response to Reply #128
134. Some other examples of Iranian justice for women
From a quick google search of amnesty:

Atefeh Rajabi (f)

Atefeh Rajabi was a sixteen year-old Iranian girl who was executed in Iran after being sentenced to death by an Iranian judge, Haji Rezaii, for allegedly having committed "acts incompatible with chastity" (having sexual intercourse with an older man), and for removing her hijab while arguing with her judge in court.
Atefeh reportedly had no access to legal counsel during the trial and was allegedly not believed to be mentally competent. Her death sentence was upheld by a Supreme Court of conservative mullahs.

Haji Rezaii, the religious judge, was reportedly so incensed with Atefehs "sharp tongue" during the trial that he traveled to Tehran to convince the mullahs of the Supreme Court to uphold the death sentence. She was publicly hanged in Neka, Iran, in August 2004, by the judge himself. Her body was left hanging for some time so people could see what happened to teenagers who committed acts incompatible with chastity. Amnesty International, as well as human rights organizations from the international community at large, declared the execution to be a crime against humanity and against children of the world.

Atefeh's body was allegedly removed from the grave soon after the burial by unknown perpetrators.

BBC2 showed a documentary about the execution of Atefeh, called "Execution of a teenage girl." It can be viewed here. (Also on our Multimedia page)The Guardian has published an article about the making of the documentary, written by the director.


Mona Mahmudnizhad (f)

16 year old Mona were together with 9 other Bahai women executed in June 1983. The primary charge against her was teaching Bah childrens classes. Because her youth and conspicuous innocence became a symbol of the group in prison, she was lashed on the soles of her feet with a cable and forced to walk on bleeding feet. On the day of the execution she asked to be the last in line to be executed so she could pray for the others. All she had to do to avoid execution was to denounce her faith but she refused, and instead when it was her turn, she kissed the rope and put it around her own neck.


Dina Parnabi (f)

Dina Parnabi was an Iranian high school student, accused of smuggling forbidden literature and criticising the regime in her talks with her classmates. She was hanged on the 10th of July 1984 in a Teheran prison. The hanging was done in private and after the execution was over, her body was stripped, washed and delivered for dissection at medical school. In Iran, female bodies delivered for medical studies often show the rope or cable burns around their necks, indicating that they were all executed by hanging.

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