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MrPrax Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-31-07 07:10 AM
Response to Reply #263
294. What?
Well you know you could have said something original yourself.

Topics of originally:

1) neither activists are silenced

2) victimization merely undermines accomplishment (scroll back to my original post where I ref. to Ms. Sierra has a titan of the industry...excuse me, sister, if I prefer to dwell her accomplishments under the tyranny of patriarchy instead of pointing out, LIKE YOU, that even if you are the Queen of England your useless and under heel)

3) narrow minded male bashing doesn't really rise above the level of classist Judge Judy-ism which is more reflective of the same vile misognist American corporate culture that presumeably you decry -- hate mongering

4) perhaps, you could have pointed out that neither Curtis Silwa or Sean Hannity posted their death threats anonymously but did so publicly and with full approval of shareholders -- surprised with all this talk of 'code of conduct' on the internet, a person posting an OP about oppressive vioolence against women CHOOSE to emphasize something that is quite illegal and is being investigated. How's that Silwa investigation going. Don't really need new internet rules controlling free speech to stop that kind of thing. But I will defer to your understanding of women

5) Tough question or "logical fallacies"; how if, when everywhere women are in chains and have been so since the dawn of time, do you explain the noticeable differences between the rights of women in the US and elsewhere in the patriarchy?
How do you explain the noticeable difference between Protestant and Catholic views regarding the ordination of women?
Perhaps something to do with the fact that as secularism rose in the 19th century and INDEED emancipated women through rejecting traditional values of a womens' role?
I have found it odd that while at the same time William Booth was saying things like, "My best men are women!" and then putting his wife in charge of the Salvation Army, the Catholic Church was issuing rosary beads and playing with Aquinas's longstanding definition of 'life' beginning AFTER birth. (shurely shome logical fallacy that)

Could it be that this type of 'negative' feminism is more a reflection of the American moralist movement and that's why on VERY SIMPLE MATTERS like protecting a womens' right to choose medical services (and a universal health care!! patriarchal bonus for women that behaved, I guess!) is so under attack.

Oh BTW I have it on good authority that you don't speak for women...women have told me for the last twenty years. So take your little rad butt and go out and at least get women in your country out from under all those 'trigger laws' at least.

Imagine being forced to carry a rapist baby to term...imagine a democratic woman signing it...imagine there is no other place in the English-speaking world that it would even get to that point, that I can use it to slam some BSer expert like you) <-- might be more of that 'tricky logic' in there, huh
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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