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Reply #12: I watched the video and I didn't come away with that, at all. I know where you're coming from... [View All]

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Poll_Blind Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-16-10 11:39 PM
Response to Reply #9
12. I watched the video and I didn't come away with that, at all. I know where you're coming from...
Edited on Tue Mar-16-10 11:48 PM by Poll_Blind
...though. The woman lying under the skeleton didn't particularly challenge me. I didn't see anything particularly exciting with that or the nude woman on the bicycle seat.

Two things, though- First, the nude women doorway I thought was challenging. I'm not so concerned about the feelings of the women who stood there, they're art and they obviously did it willingly or to challenge themselves. However, the feelings of the women and men who had to decide to pass between them and brush up against their bodies, invading their space and almost certainly invoking all kinds of tensions- that, I thought was challenging and worthy of artistic consideration.

I grew up a nudist and I probably wouldn't have felt much as much tension going through the doorway naked, myself, as I would with clothes on. That's my take. I'll bet most everyone who walked through, men and women, was invited to think (by the process) about what that level of closeness means to them, etc.

The staring at the artist bit I also though that was part art and part psychology: Sitting across from a person for just a few minutes (but especially 10+ minutes) without speaking and keeping eye contact is well-known to produce feelings of euphoria and connection, even (especially?) with total strangers. There was a great experiment I read about which covered this exact process in regards to (IIRC) Scientology.

I've got no links but you might want to search more on the phenomenon. I'm not trying to argue with your opinion, just saying what I thought was interesting.

OnEdit: I went to Amsterdam in the late 90's and walked all over that crazy city, including all up and down the red light district. I never saw any of the prostitutes naked. They all had lingerie on, FWIW. There was a material difference in how I react to a nude woman passively standing in close proximity and (essentially) ignoring me and a lingerie-dressed woman, dolled up and actively trying to chat me up, knocking or banging on her little glass door to get attention at any cost.

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