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Reply #5: I thought this one was really disgusting. Not at all funny. [View All]

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Overseas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-22-09 11:35 AM
Response to Original message
5. I thought this one was really disgusting. Not at all funny.
Edited on Sun Nov-22-09 12:19 PM by Overseas
President Obama has been doing great things with his international diplomacy. He has had to tread a very careful line with the People's Republic of China because they bought up a lot of the debt that the Bush Gang stacked up with their reckless, expensive wars of choice, and their deregulated finance sector swapping bundles of toxic assets that we had to bail out.

Furthermore, US "free trade" policies pumped up during Reagan's terms and continued by the New Democrats, outsourced tons of our manufacturing to China. Maybe because Republicans knew China would show its appreciation for the new business by using a lot of their profits to buy up our national debt. That's the situation President Obama inherited and has to navigate within. He did a great job on the Asia trip, managing to restore some respect for the USA in spite of our having been turned into a beggar country by previous administrations.

So the HA HA look at China sticking out its ass for him to kiss sketch was really grotesque. Not funny at all. I had to turn it off part way. Watched a minute or two to see if it got anywhere but no-- it just seemed like jackass humor. And frankly, it seemed like a right wing point to me-- look at our president kissing the ass of foreign officials-- he should be bombing them instead! The right wing wants the USA to have an imperial presidency, bombing everyone instead of wasting time with all that wimpy diplomacy.

Or it could even have been trying to make the opposite point-- Hey China wants us to kiss their ass but President Obama didn't. Hey he's cool. China knows full well they don't have to get President Obama to kiss their ass; previous administrations had already done that. While some basic international facts are not understood by many Americans, thanks to the Foxification of our news, the rest of the world knows China owns most of our national debt so we are beholden to them and have to walk a very delicate line.

But whatever President Obama needed to do when interacting with the country to which prior administrations allowed so much of our manufacturing to be outsourced-- so Walmart could sell us the cheap stuff our people needed after all the union busting and wage cutting we allowed our corporations to push so Republicans could offer bigger tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans-- he surely doesn't need grotesque portrayals of the current Chinese premier bending over on a popular US TV show.

We will need to engage in delicate diplomacy regarding lots of upcoming issues, especially addressing global warming. We will have to figure out how to get the USA to dramatically cut its carbon emissions before other countries like China or India do as much, because they are just catching up-- we dumped tons of CO2 into the atmosphere for decades before they aggressively industrialized.

Are we going to be treated to more of this "Negotiation is Dumb and Wimpy" type of right wing humor every time our president tries to navigate more delicate issues?

Because either way-- "Look at our President-- he doesn't kiss anyone's ass" -- or -- "Look at our President having to kiss ass in China" -- either way is broad-stroke jackass stuff. It undercuts our president's efforts to demonstrate to the world that we have some reasonable people who understand our position as one nation in the global community and are interested in negotiating our future with respect for all parties.

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