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Reply #337: Brief Transcript of Kaloogian Morgan interview on KSFO this AM [View All]

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spocko Donating Member (4 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-31-06 06:58 PM
Response to Original message
337. Brief Transcript of Kaloogian Morgan interview on KSFO this AM
Maybe you are sick of the whole Kaloogian issue, but you might want to listen to his interview this morning on the Melanie Morgan and Howard Kaloogian who said that they co-founded together the group "Move America Forward"

Here is the URL
Kaloogian interview with Move America Co-founder Melanie Morgan on March 31, 2006

20 minutes

Things to listen for:
1) Morgan was part of the group that did the Istanbul Turkey lay over part (Kaloogian's layover was Athens)

2) His comment on who did it and why:

"We had all those pictures sent to the Webmaster and we told him to use some nondescript photograph to illustrate our trip. Because the military asked us to do that.... They said don't use any photograph that is easily identifiable because it could easily become a target, so use something that is nondescript. So we used something that is so nondescript it was actually from the Istanbul layover as opposed to being from Baghdad and we said it was Baghdad. Well as soon as it was pointed out to us that that came from the trip but it came from the layover as opposed to being in Iraq itself. So that shouldn't be that big a deal except they want to point to that as if it were ending the story and somehow invalidating the point of our message that there are good things going on in Iraq that are not part of the mainstream story and that all you hear about you is the death and destruction and you don't hear about the hospitals that are being build the schools that are being renovated and all the good works that are being done and the fact that we are in fact winning over the hearts and minds of Iraqis on a daily basis. And there are 25 million Iraqis and only about 20 thousand terrorists in the country and we are doing a good work there cleaning it up and leaving a stable government before we leave.

3) Note how he talks about McClintock's "non-endorsement" mess.

4) Morgan said that they covered over 500 media outlets picked up this story and ran with it (Hey nice metrics to have for the blogoshere!) and ran with it "as if you were a convicted criminal, a liar and a thief, when in fact they refused to cover us at all except to criticize us on our original trip. That is the supreme irony here."

5) Kaloogian claims to be attacked by ABC World News tonight and all the rest of them.

6) Morgan claims that the people at Democratic Underground are claiming MAF founders never went there and that "These Berkeley Daily Kos types are just despicable. Well I'm just glad that I have a microphone and they don't!"

7)Earlier in the show Morgan said that Move America Forward will be running "Censure Jimmy Carter" TV ads in Atlanta next week. They have decided to Swift Boat Jimmy Carter!. Maybe we should prepare the Atlanta TV and press people about these. Hilariously while defending Kaloogian Morgan says,
"You know politics is one thing, but when they attack a man's honesty and character and integrity that is another thing, and by extension they are attacking me, so I say the hell with them. I've got my brass knuckles on and I will fight till the end of time over this."

8) Morgan accused the LA Times of doctoring photos on the 28th the same day that the people at Kos and you guys were PROVING that Kaloogian misrepresented the situtation in Iraq. I wrote the LA Times about it. Blog link here.

Kaloogian interview with Move America Co-founder Melanie Morgan on March 31, 2006

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