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Reply #85: Feingold has stated he was concerned about his strategy being "blunted"... [View All]

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cascadiance Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-18-06 12:13 AM
Response to Original message
85. Feingold has stated he was concerned about his strategy being "blunted"...
Edited on Sat Mar-18-06 12:17 AM by calipendence
Look at this Washington Post article here. Many here have the perspective that Feingold did something that was "the wrong way" to accomplish something that most here feel was the right thing to do. The press and other Dems are reinforcing this perspective. If you hear this quote of Feingold though, I think what happened reflects more Feingold's frusration of trying to play by the rules for the last five years and "wait his turn" with current leadership and other powerful elements of the party to show a united front at one point to do what he was wanting to do here (which clearly has a lot of support amongst the American people). From this quote, it sounds like he felt that a pattern of control has been something he's had to fight in the past and felt that in order for him to actually follow through on a censure action, even though he might have LIKED to have done it with more coordinated support, he perceived that with the way things have been going with current Democratic leadership, that this wasn't going to happen if he followed conventions, and therefore did things the way he did, knowing full well that they'd try to come back at him this way.

I say this because what's shown over the last few years to be consistent in terms of track record is the Dems not standing up as a principled opposition to this administration. We've seen it time and time again with the war, the Patriot Act, the Alito and Roberts nominations, etc. During this time, Russ has tried to follow the rules and I really can't think of other instances where he's not tried to work with his colleagues more publicly. Given that, I'm more inclined to believe that he felt that IN THIS INSTANCE, to get things done, he had to work around the party leadership on this. The track record of he and his fellow Democrats I believe support him on this:

Read this article here:

Note the following paragraph:

And it's a sign of Feingold's view of some of his Democratic colleagues that he defended his decision not to let them in on his plan. Had they known what he was up to, he said, "they would have planned a strategy to blunt this."

Additionally note in another article all of the following Democrats that chose to censure Bill Clinton! If lying about a BJ warranted censure from one's own party, then why isn't all of the offenses and breaking the law by Bush subject to the same action by the OPPOSITION party?


Daniel Akaka
Max Baucus
Byron Dorgan
Dick Durbin
Dianne Feinstein
Daniel Inouye
Jim Jeffords
Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
Herb Kohl
Mary Landrieu
Carl Levin
Joe Lieberman
Blanche Lincoln
Barbara Mikulski
Patty Murray
Jack Reed
Harry Reid
Jay Rockefeller
Chuck Schumer
Ron Wyden

The bottom line is I believe like a couple of posters at the top, Feingold is now seen as a threat to the corporate establishment. It's not just a "personal" threat to them that they are implying with their public statements of him not wanting to work by the rules. It is his independence (since he takes less campaign money from special interest groups than they, etc.) and his growing popularity in the base of the Democratic Party that's increasingly becoming aware of the "hidden agenda" of some in it to serve others that are more the special interests that pay their way than serving the Democratic constituency and Americans in general. I think they're starting to become aware that more and more Americans are starting to know what the DLC is (I really didn't before Bush was in power!), and why it is a cancer to this party in terms of putting a *wishy washy* agenda, purposely this way, which tries to keep people "complacent" and not give them anything really to mobilize under. Feingold is threatening to be the lightening rod for what constituents see as "the way out" for increasingly frustrated Dems but which is also dangerous to continued corporate special interest control over the party.

I think its really hard to see who amongst all of these Democrats (or even people outside of the pols themselves) is really behind this sort of "pushing" the corporate agenda around, and who is just running scared, and who might otherwise support Feingold if they felt he could render those wielding this agenda powerless to take away their offices by taking away their campaign financing resources. I have a feeling that if and when we can get rid of this dangerous DLC cancer control that is in place, we might later see many of these running scared to come forth and apologize in a measured way for their inability to buck the system the way Feingold's been trying to do so, and to note that his difficulty in doing so is precisely why they were afraid to do it themselves. I only hope that this is in the near future, so I can have a remaining life span that can enjoy life later on instead of dreading a coming dictatorship.
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