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Marie26 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-28-06 01:06 AM
Response to Reply #231
239. Wow
I never knew about this. Illegal immigrants create huge amounts of money for SSA & Medicare. And it forms a real connection between data-mining comp. like ChoicePoint, big business & the fed. gov. agencies

Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions - NY Times

"As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year. While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus...

Starting in the late 1980's, the Social Security Administration received a flood of W-2 earnings reports with incorrect - sometimes simply fictitious - Social Security numbers. It stashed them in what it calls the "earnings suspense file" in the hope that someday it would figure out whom they belonged to.

In the current decade, the file is growing, on average, by more than $50 billion a year, generating $6 billion to $7 billion in Social Security tax revenue and about $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes.

"Social Security's secret stash" - Consumer Affairs

"The "Earnings Supense Fund" has become a hotbed for debate over everything from immigration rights to identity theft, as it continues to accrue money at roughly $6 billion a year, with the total as of 2005 sitting at $519 billion. As MSNBC reporter Bob Sullivan put it in an interview with ConsumerAffairs.Com, the ESF is part of a "grand mystery," wherein money seems to disappear. But where does the money come from, what happens to it, and why isn't more being done about the problem? ....

The usage of fake or stolen Social Security numbers for illegal immigrants would seem to be an issue of national concern. So why isn't more being done to police the spread of SSN theft? Because there's too much profit to be made from it, and not just by the thieves themselves. Big business and major corporations use illegal labor because it's cheap and easily replaceable. If that means turning a blind eye to day laborers using fake or stolen SSN's, it's the price to pay for profit. Social Security wins the game through maintaining a small pot of benefits that will never be tapped, because the workers who would receive them cannot report their earnings without fear of deportation. The IRS wins because it collects the taxes withheld from fraudulent employee accounts without having to refund any of it, since no tax return is ever filed. In short, the earnings suspense file is the jackpot for a very profitable game..." \

The gov. makes a ton of money off of illegal immigrants - 7$ Billion a year. This money just sits there in the "earnings suspense fund," possibly very easy to divert. Choice Point gets huge DHS contracts to create databases on Latin Americans, at the same time it collects SSNs & loses millions of SSN/records to hackers, at the same time the feds make billions from illegal imm. w/fake SSN numbers. There's a huge connection between the issues of immigration and identity theft - lost SSN can be assigned to undocumented workers to put them into the taxation system. So there's another possible Choice Point connection. Finally, someone mentioned that many oil comp. create vineyards & agri. holdings, the prime employers of undocumented workers. Connection? I really think there's something to this.

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