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Reply #198: Hmmm. So is Alltel also a part of this ? What connections are there... [View All]

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EVDebs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-26-06 04:25 PM
Response to Reply #89
198. Hmmm. So is Alltel also a part of this ? What connections are there...
Edited on Sun Feb-26-06 04:38 PM by EVDebs
Jackson Stephen's Systematics...please read

The White House "Big Brother" Data Base & How Jackson Stephens Precipitated a Banking Crisis
by J. Orlin Grabbe

""Score another coup for Jackson Stephens' Systematics (Alltel Information Services). It provided the software for the White House's "Big Brother" data base system, and now the White House is in a panic that there may be secret methods of accessing its computer.

The existence of the White House computer system and data base--known as WHODB, White House Office Data Base, and containing as many as 200,000 names--was revealed by Paul Rodriguez in the Washington Times. Some of the information was developed by Insight's Anthony Kimery, soon to be managing editor of the electronic publication SOURCES eJournal. Kimery is a writer whose articles in The American Banker and Wired were among the first to report U.S. government spying on domestic banking transactions. (Kimery was also fired from one magazine for looking into the death of Vince Foster.)

Now things have come full circle. The chief government effort to spy on U.S. domestic banking transactions was directed by the electronic spy agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), working in connection with the Little Rock software firm Systematics. Systematics, half-owned by billionaire Jackson Stephens (of Stephens Inc. fame), has been a major supplier of software for back office clearing and wire transfers. It was Stephens' attempt to get Systematics the job of handling the data processing for the Washington-D.C. bank First American that led to the BCCI takeover of that institution. Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster represented Systematics in that endeavor, and later Foster became an overseer of the NSA project with respect to Systematics.""

I remember during the BCCI fiasco that Jackson Stephens, who went to the Naval Academy with Jimmy Carter and former CIA chief Stansfield Turner, helped get 1992 campaign monies to both Clinton and Bush (with Worthen Bank, where he owned a controlling interest), according to Evil Money by Rachel Ehrenfeld page 180:

"The BCCI debacle made ts first intrusion into the US presidential race in 1992 and may be more damaging to the Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton, governor of Arkansas, than his alleged extramarital affair. Clinton's fund-raiser and confidant, Jackson Stephens, a billionaire from Little Rock who owns the controlling interest of Worthen National Bank in Little Rock, was the person who introduced Bert Lance to Abedi. While Stephens might not have known back in 1977 that BCCI was a criminal bank, Bill Clinton had full knowledge of Stephen's involvement with BCCI when he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Stephens family for his campaign. On the eve of the New Hampshire primary Robert Morganthau was looking into the BCCI/Stephens/Clinton link. In December 1991 The Wall Street Journal reported that Stephens and his bank invested in Harken Energy, a small Texas investment company of which George Bush, Jr, is a board member. The money Stephens invested came through the Swiss BCCI subsidiary."

Stephens, one of Poppy's friends

"The second thing that's interesting is that Brent Wilkes is connected to one Jackson T. Stephens, one of Poppy's old friends and one of Georgie's biggest contributors, as well as one of Clinton's main supporters in 1992. Makes one think that perhaps Bill was a sponsored candidate, who was meant to lose, and Ross spoiled the game, or perhaps Poppy decided that he really preferred to rule from the shadows as he'd been doing for a couple of decades."

No wonder GHWB and Clinton are such good buds these days. They both got Stephens (and Systematics ? WH database ?) in common.

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