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Reply #169: Possible connection to TIA program? [View All]

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Marie26 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-26-06 01:50 PM
Response to Reply #139
169. Possible connection to TIA program?
Edited on Sun Feb-26-06 01:51 PM by Marie26
In 2002, the Defense Dept. began a program called "Total Information Awareness" that would create a database to track all Americans. The program would also use super-computers to data-mine the information to look for "suspicious"/terrorist behaviors. It was actually opened & existed as part of the "Information Awareness Office." However, there was a huge outcry in Congress; and in Ja. 2003, Congress passed a bill to halt the program for further study. In Sept. of 2003, the Defense Dept. reached an "agreement" w/Congress to close the office & kill the program.,2100,54342,00.html "Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System"

But when has this Admins. stopped doing anything because Congress tells them not to? All indications are that the program was simply moved to the NSA. During intelligence hearings this Jan., a Senator specifically asked the intel. heads if the Pentagon TIA program had been shut down. All answered "I don't know" except one, Gen. Hayden of the NSA. Instead, he requested a closed session. . This tells me that the NSA is probably running the TIA successor now, w/Hayden as it's director. Coincidentally, Hayden is also in charge of the NSA's illegal eavesdropping program. The NSA is still running TIA, and probably combining it w/info gained from phone calls to create one massive superdatabase.

The one snag is that Congress specifically told the Admin. that it would not fund the program. So what did they do? They OUTSOURCED it, of course. Counterpoint can supply the NSA w/all the information it needs to feed into it's data-mining program. By sending it to a private company, they can technically argue it's not breaking a law, & it's easier to hide the funding as private contracts.

You can find a virtual twin of every TIA program within Counterpoint. Let's compare what Choicepoint does to what TIA did:

TIA program:
- Database - Genisys is the codename for the database system which the IAO plans to implement as the center of its information storage and processing. Currently used database systems designed in the 1980s do not have the capacity for the massive amount of data the IAO plans to gather.
- Biometrics - Human Identification at a Distance, or HumanID, "is to develop automated biometric identification technologies to detect, recognize and identify humans at great distances." This program intends to have the capability of implementing a face and gait identification system effective up to 150 meters at all times by fiscal year 2004.
- Data-mining & analysis - Genoa "provides the structured argumentation, decision-making and corporate memory to rapidly deal with and adjust to dynamic crisis management." In essence, the IAO intended this program to make conclusions and decisions based on available information, incorporating human analysis, corporate history, and a structured set of thinking.

- Database - AutoTrackXP - access to more than 17 billion current and historical records on individuals and businesses, and allows users to browse through those records instantly. With as little information as a name or Social Security number, users can cross-reference public and proprietary records including identity verification information, relatives and associates, corporate information, real property records, deed transfers and much more.
- Biometrics - Biometric Information Solutions- ChoicePoint helps organizations verify and authenticate a claimed identity prior to capturing and enrolling biometric data...TrueID captures information from a photo ID and electronically compares the information against our databases of more than 17 billion records. The captured and verified information is then available at all points of service for a subscribing organization.,
- Data mining & analysis - ChoicePoints i2 is the leading worldwide provider of visual investigative analysis software for law enforcement, intelligence, military and Fortune 500 organizations. The integrated suite of products enables investigators and analysts to quickly understand complex scenarios and volumes of seemingly unrelated data, perform analysis and communicate the results.

Ta-da! Banned TIA program is shuffled into the NSA, and outsourced to ChoicePoint. The NSA can later take this info & use it for other purposes as well. Such as cross-referencing it info gained from telephone calls, emails, etc. Probably can also share it among other agencies of the DHS, such as the CIA or FBI. Big Brother is definitely watching, & probably has been for a while.
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