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SaveElmer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-05-07 01:55 PM
Response to Reply #42
43. Warren...
I have not once denied Bush was lying through his teeth...

He was lying to the country, he was lying to the Congress, he was lying to the world..

He knew full well that his assertions of nuclear activity by the Iraqis was bullshit. He induced Colin Powell to lie in front of the U.N...

When Dick Cheney and Condi talked about a "mushroom" cloud being confirmation of an Iraqi nuclear program they were lying to the country...

When Bush gave his SOTU in 2003 and talked about yellowcake, he knew he was lying...

When I see a bumpersitcker that says "Bush Lied people died" I give the driver a thumbs up!

What I am saying, is that in October of 2002, when the Congress was voting on the IWR, the fact that this intelligence was cooked up was not yet generally known. Democrats at that time had no reason to distrust Colin Powell or George Tenet. Read Max Cleland's floor speech in praise of Powell. It was his confidence in the Powell doctrine that gave him comfort that his vote was correct.

Read the testimony by General Clark in front of the House Armed Services committee 3 weeks before the IWR vote. He expressed no reservations in saying that Saddam did indeed have WMD's and military action may need to occur. He even recognized his own fallibility in opposing the IWR, saying it was very possibly the correct thing to do. Clark acted as one of John Kerry's primary foreign policy advosors during t he 2004 campaign, when Kerry was still defending his vote. Hell even Scott Ritter acknowledged that Iraq may have retained some WMD capability (though of course not at threatening levels).

Read the floor statements of virtually every IWR opponent...nearly everyone speaks with confidence about the danger allegedly posed by Saddam Hussein:

There is no question that Saddam Hussein is ignoring the will of the United Nations and that he has not honored the agreements he made following the Gulf War. Saddam Hussein is a dangerous force in the world. -Kent Conrad

Saddam Husseins regime has chemical and biological weapons and is trying to get nuclear capability. -Bob Graham

Saddam Husseins desire to obtain weapons of mass destruction is of grave concern. -Jim Jeffords

I commend President Bush for taking his case against Iraq to the American peopleand I agree with the President that Saddam is a despicable tyrant who must be disarmed. -Ted Kennedy

Iraq has grim and ghoulish weapons to carry out its evil plans. As part of the Gulf War cease-fire agreement, Saddam Hussein committed to destroying its chemical and biological and nuclear weapons programsinstead, Saddam Hussein is trying to add nuclear weapons to an arsenal that already includes chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles. -Barbara Mikulski

Saddam must give arms inspectors unfettered access. And, if he does not comply with this new U.N. resolution there will be consequences, including the use of appropriate military force. -Paul Wellstone

With regard to Iraq, I agree, Iraq presents a genuine threat, especially in the form of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and potentially nuclear weapons. I agree that Saddam Hussein is exceptionally dangerous and brutal, if not uniquely so, as the President argues. And I support the concept of regime change. -Russ Feingold

There is no evidence that these Democratic Senators willfully ignored authoritative information that they were being lied to by the CIA and State Department. There is no evidence that they did not take their votes seriously. They made a judgement call on the evidence. Turned out it was the wrong call in hindsight. The primary flaw was a reliance on the honesty of George Bush. That is Bush's is our involvement in this war.
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