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Reply #45: Your tin-foil hat is on a little too tight [View All]

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J Miles Donating Member (69 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-21-06 09:17 AM
Response to Original message
45. Your tin-foil hat is on a little too tight
Edited on Thu Dec-21-06 09:18 AM by J Miles
Your "evidence" comes from the book Einstein: The Incorrigibe Plagiarist by a crank named Christopher Jon Bjerknes. You didn't say whether you've actually read the book, so I don't know if you consciously left out the part where Bjerknes said that Einstein's wife plagiarized her ideas from others, and he in turn plagiarized those from her. He also claims (never mind the fact that he has no formal education in physics) that the entire theory is nonsense anyway.

Bjerknes is a crank; we needn't pay any attention to him. Serious scholars sure don't. Here are some more of his extraordinary claims:

1. "Racist Zionists" bolstered anti-Semitism in Nazy Germany.
2. Those same "racist Zionists" have used that history of anti-Semitism as "a means to control public opinion in a most corrupt and deplorable fashion."
3. He says that "Jewish racists helped to put Hitler into power in order to herd up the Jews of Europe and force them into segregation." These "Jewish racists" also "collaborated with the Nazis to kill off the weakest Jews and preserve the best genetic stock for deportation to Palestine."
4. This is perhaps the most outrageous claim of all: The Nazis didn't plan genocide at the Wannsee Conference.

Extraordinary claims, as Carl Sagan said, require extraordinary evidence. He provides none for his accusations against Einstein. He provides no evidence for his claims about the Holocuast either (but he provides plenty of evidence of anti-Semitism).

It's clear that his real problem with Einstein was that Einstein was Jewish. But I digress.

Now for some evidence against the plagiarism accusations:

1. "Handling evidence in history: the case of Einstein's wife" by Alberto A. Martinez

2. "Who did Einstein's Mathematics?: A Response to Troemel-Ploetz" by Allen Esterson (this article debunks the claim made by Senta Tromel-Plotz that Einstein's wife developed mathematical proofs for him)

3. "Mileva Maric: Einstein's Wife" by Allen Esterson (Summary: "The claims about Mileva Maric's alleged contributions to Einstein's early scientific achievements are devoid of credible supporting evidence.")
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007) Donate to DU

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