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Reply #4: Let no REGAN-KERIK thread go unflagged!!!!1 [View All]

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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-16-06 10:44 AM
Response to Original message
4. Let no REGAN-KERIK thread go unflagged!!!!1

.... Word of Regan's dismissal from News Corp.-owned publishing house HarperCollins came in a terse press release headlined "Judith Regan Terminated," according to online accounts published by the New York Times and Daily Variety.

The statement said her termination was effective immediately, both outlets reported. No explanation was given, and The New York Times said it was unclear if she was fired only from HarperCollins or from all News Corp. units.

News Corp and HarperCollins representatives were not immediately available for comment. ....


SOME of her men (NOTE, the 4th image is an abstract rendering of LIMBOsevic). She published LIMBOsevic's first two, ghost written (by John FUND, at least the first one) books:

*********QUOTE******** /

.... Then Judith and Rupert found each other -- and ReganBooks was born. Not only did their commercial instincts mesh, but Judy's what's-the-world-ever-done-for-me politics were highly compatible with the Murdoch view.

And then the sex part. It's a one-woman show.

I have never heard anyone talk about sex the way Judy does. I have never heard anyone talk about their sexual partners the way Judy does. I have never heard anyone analyze individual motivations, the workings of the marketplace, and politics, too, in such precisely sexual terms. The other day, on her show, she kept interrupting her tempered guests on the subject of why women like Bill Clinton, and, voice rising, saying: "They want to have sex with him -- that's why they like him!"

Early in her career at Simon & Schuster, she published a book called The Rogue Warrior and fought tooth and nail for a full-face cover photo of the author. "Don't they understand?" she stormed to me. "Women will buy this because they want to fuck him!" She got the full face and a best-seller. (by DUer Gloria: )

Regan looked straight into the camera and for almost 10 minutes, delivered a pseudo stream-of-consciousness poetry riff mocking Clinton. Referring to his sad boyhood, she mocked his loneliness, then proclaimed that he built himself up and called himself KING, because "I am rich and I can do what I want!" She likened him to the cast out Socks, and envisioned him an old man meeting up with Socks at 125th street, both holding tin cups. ....

It was incredibly vicious. What was especially appalling was how she took the most painful aspects of Bill's background--his truly grievous childhood--and twisted them, using them to mock him. If this wasn't the "politics of personal destruction" I don't know how else you could describe this horrific display. ....


And I (the poster) will claim credit for insight. Back when KERIK's book for REGAN was debutting, she hosted him on her Faux interview show. His tale was of his missing mother, who inexplicably abandoned him as a tot. She never showed up for a custody hearing. The premise of the book was that this tough uber-male had this hole in his heart, thereby setting the pants on fire of tough wingnuts of all genders. As she probed him about the book, she and KERIK locked smouldering, HOT gazes. Once the mother-thing was done, she moved on to his heroics (which were what?) on 9-11. She asked WHERE HE WAS when the planes hit. Without missing an eye-lock, he said, "Stepping out of the shower." She swallowed and held a long breath. The image of nekkid KERIK was plainly etched on the Faux camera lens during the LONG pause. He added, "In my office." Another LONG pause. He added, "After WORKING OUT." There was another swallow. I suspected BACK THEN that something was cooking between publisher and author, and it weren't spaghetti. Only 2 or 3 years later, when KERIK's many other past deeds floated to the surface like dead bodies did it become official that there was indeed WILD WINGNUT HOT LOVE between the two, that the two of them alternated their WILD WINGNUT HOT LOVE sessions with WORKING OUT together, that he had used NYPD to track down what happened to his mother, that he used NYPD to provide security for his personal WILD WINGNUT HOT LOVE sessions, that the WILD WINGNUT HOT LOVENEST was a city-paid apartment near the WTC intended as a rest site for rescue and recovery workers. The REGAN-KERIK Faux interview was pure musk in the air. Why don't Shrub's handlers hire some of US for intelligence work?

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