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Reply #19: THIS IS PART MODS EDITED OUT Mistaking it for copyright material [View All]

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Wiley50 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-30-06 05:58 PM
Response to Original message
19. THIS IS PART MODS EDITED OUT Mistaking it for copyright material

The Mods said that I could repost it
but editing time is over

It was written and posted on Lopez Obrador's mexican website
by one of their readers. /

I simply put it through babelfish

The decision to repress violently to the members of the APPO cannot be considered the undesirable but direct result of the facts of the last Saturday. Rather, according to the evidences of witnesses gathered in situ by means, we are before the consumation of a calculated strategy to eliminate of a edge the civil resistance in Oaxaca before the change of federal government, impelled to show which will be from now on the "philosophy" of the new Executive, once surpassed the stumbling blocks of announced Black Friday who today concentrates all the glances of the national and international public opinion, as well as the worse doubts about the real operation of our immature democracy. The previous declarations of Ulises governor Ruiz affirming that the things were on the verge of being solved in Oaxaca, the graceful one fled from president Fox and Abascal secretary to deny the federal responsibility in the crisis, as well as the announced appointment of the ex- governor of Jalisco like next secretary of Interior, already foretold the announcement of the policy of zero tolerance imposed with all the force of the State, eufemismo that describes the indiscriminate use of tolete and the gun gas release device and the amplest connivencia between the uncontrolled local police forces and the great apparatus of federal containment arrived at Oaxaca to guarantee the "order" in the city. For the foxista government, whose anticipated exit nobody cries, the failure oaxaqueo is another one of the many accumulated ones in its long file of errors, mistakes and deviations, the last test that, in a certain sense, the years of the alternancia, instead of consolidating the democracy, have served to aggravate the national crisis, deepening the divisions arisen from not recognized decomposition of the old institutions of the regime, as well as of the manifest insensibilidad of great part of elites to include/understand the mood of ample layers of the population which, by diverse circumstances, the margin of the modernization has had left or has been excluded of the electoral democratic game, while their necessities and demands, of mere sobreexperience or recognized political spaces, grow in geometric proportion to the irrespirables deficiencies of their social surroundings, in spite of the resource of the emigration or to the application of attendance programs that, really, do not touch the causes of the inequality nor do not modify the local authoritarianism either. While the legislators dispute by the possession of the tribune of the Congress like symbolic space of the political confrontation, in Oaxaca the right state transfigura in which really he is: a fantasy whose final destiny seems to be the one to justify the illegal performance of a power exerted from greater impunity, able to extract of the stopped local jails to whose identities are hidden, to make arbitrary casts, prospections for "raising" to the suspects of some class of participation in the street battles of the historical center of the city. The images of the prisoners forming "prudent" to be transferred to penitentiaries are frightening. A relative described therefore the scene: "the men (they went) brutally struck and all, until the newlywed and bent women, in the row to raise the helicopter". Once again, the solution imposed by the authority reveals the scorn that to the bodies of security of the State (and to the Public Ministry) deserve these citizens to them and the law that do not get tired to invoke. Really, in cases as these there is no innocence presumption that is worth, because already they have been classified previously like "highly dangerous", before the absence of the National Commission of Human rights. The only information available is that, between the deported ones, they are 107 men and 34 women. The objective, nevertheless, jumps at sight: one looks for to leave without a leader the movement putting to the jail to the leaders and activists of the APPO, to seed the fear between the population and, paradoxicalally, to save the head of Ulises Ruiz while this one serves to fortify the commitment not very smooth, but obviously already subscribed between the flat elect president and the greater one of the prismo. There will be who in the analysis of the last events, at least from the return of the teachers to classes and the explosions happened in the Federal District, puts on the rug the opportunity of the tactics of the popular movement, in individual the idea to surround pacifically to the forces of the order, and comprobables excesses that would not have to happen unnoticed, but in the final balance there are questions that cannot be eluded. The greater political responsibility by the happened thing in Oaxaca corresponds to the local government and the federal government whom all the possible one did so that the problem rotted before looking for a right solution. The same it can say of the parliamentary groups of the BREAD and the PRI in the Senate, which, for different reasons, sabotaged the possibility of the exit of Ulises Ruiz, who remained in the position thanks to that conspiracy masked in the national defense of right, Creel dixit. The legal, political and pacific route was rejected in favor of the gangster negotiation between the capos of both parties. The democratic transparency along with sank the credibility of the heads of both parliamentary groups. Elect president Felipe Caldern wanted to still appear to the margin of these actions, but the logic indicates that Fox would not have made the decision to repress without the agreement of its successor. The stupor whereupon was not received the appointment of Francisco Ramirez Coins like secretary of Interior is not accidental, like is not it, either, the message that in spite of all the aseptic opinions it wanted to send Caldern, in the sense that from now on there will be order in the Republic and it forces in the application of the law. , in a wireless declaration, just named secretary of Interior it was as well frightened the flies of the authoritarianism saying that during his management "there will be hand signs but hand does not last" and "that with serious and responsible work can be restituted La Paz in the country." Pretty declaration to begin a government who must face the political polarization; the direct war of the organized crime, the recession announced by Carstens secretary, the institutional crisis and the administrative confusion of the government, the increasing malaise of million that emigrate to the north and run into with special walls, deserts and arms, in short, when more lack would make in the presidential house (and the parties) a vision of State we ran into with the struggle by the tribune of the Congress and desire to satisfy at all costs the outcries of those who requests that the performances of Ramirez Coin against the tortured altermundistas is the new currency of the government. Naturally, the left opposition is forced to put other guidelines, without concessions, but without falling in the garlito to which they want to take it its adversaries to turn it I inform expiatorio of its own miseries. posted by Arming to Garcia Medina AT 9:16 A.M. | 0 comments SPURIOUS FECAL PELELE MEXICO PRESIDENT madrugan to Him to Segob with a manifestation Members of Civil Resistance protest by the delay to the solution of the conflict in Oaxaca By Javier Quintero. HERMOSILLO. - Members of the group Civil Resistance Pacfi ca surprise took the facilities from the state delegation from the Secretariat from Interior, as a form to repudiate the delay of the solution to confl icto and the halting of oaxaqueos demonstrators in last days. The spokeswoman of the reclamantes, said that "it is the overflow that after so many months the case of Oaxaca cannot be solved". At 7 in the morning, she and several people arrived more at the federal dependency, located in the Reformation almost corner with Colosio, with fine cardboards that expressed phrases of misfortune and messages of support for the people of that State of the Mexican Southeastern. In addition they sealed the fore door of the building with sticky tape to prevent the passage to the employees of the Secretariat of Interior, who had to begin their workings to 8 in the morning. The building was evacuated up to three hours later. By late they continued its manifestation with a march from the seat Emiliana de Zubelda to the Palace of Government to express its annoyance because "the country lives a national crisis and is the result of which they did during these six years" posted by Erich AT 9:13 A.M. | 0 comments SPURIOUS FECAL PELELE MEXICO PRESIDENT
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