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Bush Lied America into War. [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-27-06 11:29 PM
Original message
Bush Lied America into War.
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Edited on Fri Oct-27-06 11:41 PM by Octafish
Here's what this election's about...

Bush Lied America into War.

It's what the elections in 2000, 2002 and 2004 were about, too.

The War to Deceive America Into War -- And the War to Cover Up the Deception


Before America went to war with Afghanistan, another war was underway -- against its own people: the war to deceive America into attacking Iraq. This is no longer a theory or conjecture; it is a documented fact.

Those in the Mainstream Media, including the New York Times and Washington Post, who choose to ignore this reality, or couch it in qualifying terms (such as "unproven assertions") are no longer trying to debunk a conspiracy, because the deliberate deception that forced America into war with Iraq is not a conspiracy theory.


Consider just some of the following established facts regarding the Bush administration's orchestrated propaganda campaign to deceive America into War:

    1) A 2002 (Downing Street) memo is released in Britain in May of 2005 that documents that Blair thought that he had no choice but to go to war because the Bush administration said that it was "going to fix" intelligence to start one.

    2) In early June of 2005, a British paper reveals that the U.S. and U.K. flew sorties over Iraq in 2002 to provoke Saddam Hussein and destroy his anti-aircraft infrastructure in preparation for the war. Congressman John Conyers calls this the smoking bullet in the smoking gun.

    3) All the Bushevik warnings of WMDs are proven false -- all of them. Not a single WMD was found.

    4) Dick Cheney lurked around the CIA prior to the Iraq War putting pressure on analysts to "fix" the data.

    5) The analysts who came up with the false allegations that "aluminum tubes" were being used for nuclear enrichment story were promoted by the Bush Administration and given bonuses.

    6) Richard Clarke says that Bush personally took him aside and told him to make the facts work for a war with Iraq.

    7) Former Secretary of the Treasury O'Neill wrote in his memoirs that Bush was out to get Iraq from the moment he was sworn in.

    8) The PNAC (Project for the New American Century) plea to invade Iraq was written in the late 90s, primarily by Bush Neo-cons who guided us into the war.

    9) The Bush Administration outed Valerie Plame as a CIA operative specializing in -- ironically and tragically -- tracking the illicit sale and movement of Weapons of Mass Destruction because her courageous husband, Joe Wilson, exposed the Niger documents as a fraud. Thus, the Bush Administration put the national security at risk regarding WMDs to seek vengeance on someone for exposing their phony war based on a lie about WMDs.

    10) This past weekend, it was revealed that John Bolton had a U.N. official fired for trying to seek a peaceful way out of the Iraq War, in regards to Iraq's compliance with chemical weapons accords.

    11) After 9/11, Rumsfeld is quoted as saying that the U.S. would take Saddam and all of "them" out.

    12) Advanced forces were sent into Iraq before the war had even started.

    13) Rumsfeld set up a Pentagon psy-ops operation to create PR for going to war with Iraq. (He claimed to have closed it down, but he never did.)

    14) The Chalabi-Judith Miller-Cheney axis of information was used to claim that created "factoids" were truths, when they were just propaganda. (The New York Times "apologized" for this, but made no changes in its coverage, including keeping Miller on and standing up for her, even though she published lies from a proxy Bush Administration anonymous source.)

    15) The Bush Administration, according to various polls, conducted a successful misinformation campaign to make Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was partly responsible for 9/11 and that the hijackers were Iraqi.


These guys will get off scot-free if they steal this election.

We can stop them with the Truth.
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