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IMPEACH!! -- Republican message: "If You Win, You Should" [View All]

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pat_k Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-02-06 09:57 AM
Original message
IMPEACH!! -- Republican message: "If You Win, You Should"
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Edited on Mon Oct-02-06 10:04 AM by pat_k
I have posted the following (or some variation of it) numerous times over the years.

The most serious problem members of the Democratic Party face is the perception that they are weak

Contrary to what many Democratic strategists believe, the perception of weakness has NOTHING to do with stance on national security. It is rooted in:
  1. The reticence that centrists seem to have when it comes to accusation and punishment. (Something the right clearly revels in.) Instead of going after wrong-doers, Democratic leaders seek to "investigate" or "make sure it doesn't happen again" (and the Republicans chuckle, "Gee, for a minute there, I though they were actually going to do something.")

  2. The tendency to refrain from fighting the good fights for "practical" or "strategic" reasons. Members of the Democratic Party may believe they are "picking fights wisely," but to observers, it appears they spend all their time predicting defeat and "saving their energy" for fights they can win. Outsiders looking in do not see "wise selection," they see cowardice. When the rare "winnable fight" does materialize, it is often for some incremental step or practical end that inspires no one.
Bottom line: You can't fight terrorism if you can't fight Bush. How can members of the Democratic Party expect Americans to believe they can stand up to terrorists, if they can't stand up to the man who terrorized Americans into war with threats of "mushroom clouds in 45 minutes"?

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Democrats hope to reclaim key conservatives

Rep. Brian Baird is another Washington Democrat whose district is streaked with Republican strongholds. Like Larsen, Baird senses uneasiness and frustration among voters that Democrats hope to exploit.

"I had a guy two weeks ago come up to me and tell me straight up -- Congressman, I'm a lifelong Republican. If the Democrats retake the House, will you impeach the president? I don't think that's the best use of time, and I started to say that. But before I could, he said, "If you do, you should.'"

Demanding impeachment is not just required by their oath; it is not just the RIGHT thing to do, it is the WINNING thing to do!

We are seeing more and more examples that confirm the fact that folks on the right, particularly white males, want to see SOMEBODY in power go after Bush. On Randi Rhodes awhile back, a Republican (male) who called in captured the sentiment when he said something to the effect of "Bush is like a teenager that never got spanked." These folks want to see him get "spanked."

If the Democratic leadership would stop sounding like morally-confused, mealy-mouthed, morons ("Bush is nullifying the Constitution, but don't worry, we have NO intention of impeaching anyone") they INCREASE their chances of winning for ALL Democratic candidates by demonstrating strength and principle.

BTW. What do they think they are winning if they leave rule by signing statement unchallenged? "Help us win back Congress for a new direction!" Then we all can watch as Bush nullifies the laws they pass with signing statements and continues to destroy the Constitution, because they don't get it. Impeachment IS Our Positive Agenda!

If they do muster the guts to pursue impeachment after they win back the House, when it is "safe," they undermine the chances of making future gains. Standing on principle only when it is safe is cowardly and hypocritical, qualities that are disdained by the American public.
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