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"Radical Christianity just as threatening as Radical Islam" - Insensitive? [View All]

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Leopolds Ghost Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-14-06 03:48 PM
Original message
"Radical Christianity just as threatening as Radical Islam" - Insensitive?
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To be fair to the person who posted the thread about Rosie's remark, they meant "radical" in the sense of "conservative, Republican, or otherwise unacceptable" when used to refer to "Christian".

They probably didn't think that anyone who is devoutly religious would take offense (or perhaps assumed that you can't be too liberal and take your religion seriously, or else that taking ones religion too seriously -- the meaning of "radical" -- is in itself a bad thing.)

Is it ok on DU to suggest that these sorts of comment -- whether it is accurate transcription of a celebrity comment or not -- is an inadvertent, anti-religious insult, especially against liberal Christians and liberal Muslims who take their religion seriously, in the same sense that it is inappropriate to insult "Fat Republican women", as occurred in a recent thread?

Especially if that sort of thread turns into a hate-fest about how most fat people are Republicans, or declaring that Democrats who happen to be fat have to answer for their unhealthy lifestyle even if you aren't an actual Republican? A recent thread that turned into a series of jokes about fat Republicans got locked.

I put this in the form of a question, because in a recent post I asked why mods were permitting people on DU to make broad-brush insults against radical or liberal Christians (who take their religion seriously) and in some cases, against devout Muslims (in the abstract), with the same fervor reserved for deleting threads about "Fat Republicans", or "atheist Neocons".

a) I pointed out that I'm a radical Christian and the recent post attacking "radical Christians and radical Muslims" on religious grounds for causing the worlds problems, inadvertently insults genuine radical Christians such as myself (as well as devout Muslims in the generic sense) in the exact same fashion as a recent thread discussing "Big Fat Republican Women", with many replies taking the opportunity to overtly insult fat people and Christians (respectively) in both cases, by stereotyping them as Republicans. One thread was locked, the other is still active, regardless of the innocuous intentions of the original posters. Why? Is it inappropriate to mention this? I stated in my post that I didn't think either thread should be locked, but that in any event, the same standard should be applied to posts attacking Christianity as gets applied to posts attacking fat people or atheism or Islam. So hitting the alert button would not have been appropriate because this topic deserved discussion.

b) I pointed out that threads with the title "radical atheist neocons" automatically get deleted, yet when someone points that out and suggests fairness, given the proliferation of anti-religious posts whenever the subject is brought up, the person pointing this out tend to be challenged (e.g. "I don't know if you are a Democrat but you admitted yourself that you're a devout Christian and that's reason enough for me to call you on your bullshit") or even alerted.

c) I pointed out that threads which turn into a discussion of what part if any, liberal and radical Christians have to play in the Democratic party automatically get sent to the religion "dungeon",

While much bolder assertions that the party must proactively support secularism, or secularists in public and private life are not only allowed to remain on GD, instead of being banished to the religion forum, they are allowed to turn into anti-Christian (and in some
cases, as with the Mohammed cartoons, anti-Muslim) hate-fests.

d) If you call yourself a devout christian -- much less a "radical" Christian ( ) you run the risk of being alerted by multiple devout secularists on DU. as if to suggest that I must be a freeper if I am proud of my religious beliefs. Apparently, Christians (and sometimes Muslims) are not allowed to take offense at broad-brush venom directed at them by secularists who believe that their religion is the source of the world's problems.

In my public school, we were taught the meaning of stereotyping, scapegoating, etc. These are concepts that many of the supposedly "liberal" people I meet in real life were not taught, because I keep running into party activists who stereotype every black person, working class white person, and religious person they meet, except as theoretical concepts used to justify why "oppressed minorities" historically support the Democratic party, which is mainly a numbers game for these affluent, secular party actvists. They believe the party can survive without socially conservative, working class blacks and whites. That is their prerogative. It is not their prerogative to declare that people who disagree with them, especially progressive Christians but more often populists in general, do not belong in the party.
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