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Reply #28: Here is a copy of *some* of what Snopes used to have before this bad edit [View All]

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w4rma Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-25-06 06:48 AM
Response to Reply #25
28. Here is a copy of *some* of what Snopes used to have before this bad edit
Edited on Fri Aug-25-06 07:34 AM by w4rma
Snopes Apologies -- Credibility Restored

Snopes has positive credibility now, in my book. I originally wrote:

Would it have been that hard for them to just fess up, say "we blew it on this one," and apologize to Moore for their little screed against him?

Until we see something of that sort from Snopes, their credibility rating is zero.

Snopes has updated their page and they have this to say:

I owe Michael Moore an apology. In a January 2002 interview with Al D'Amato and Alan Colmes of the FOX Network, Michael Moore said:

Why did this country allow the bin Laden family, two days after two days after September 11 to fly around America and pick up all the bin Laden relatives, about 24 of them, and take them to Europe? Not a single one of them was interrogated by the FBI.

That set me off on a tirade, and it shouldn't have. Part of Mr. Moore's statement has since been proved to be correct during the ban on air travel, some Saudis (including members of the bin Laden family) were transported by air to assembly points in the U.S. in preparation for their leaving the country. In an earlier version of this article, I ranted and raved about his avowing bin Laden flights had taken place while no one was allowed to fly. Yet some did, at least within the U.S.

I shouldn't have yelled at him. He was right about that.

Actually, I shouldn't have yelled at him even if he'd been dead wrong about everything. There's no good excuse for my having gotten vitriolic about Michael Moore as I attempted to address the substance of what he said. I regret having done that because it's just flat-out the wrong thing to do under any circumstance. Michael, if you're out there, please know that I am sorry for having said hurtful things. The world is full enough already with pain and miserableness for me to want to add to it or to want to direct any of it your way.

This is exactly what I asked for, and I am a big believer in second chances and repentance. Thank you, Barbara Mikkelson, for admitting your mistake and apologizing to Michael Moore.

Now, if only we can get Michael Moore to apologize to the San Diego Police, the janitor, and Activist San Diego's organizers. I'm an equal-opportunity truth-seeker: I don't let anyone get away with cover-ups.

Snopes did the right thing in this case (although I am still a bit wary, I believe in forgiveness) -- but let's not forget that Michael Moore himself has done some shady Web coverups as well. Snopes responded right away, while Michael has yet to respond to either (a) the claim that he acted poorly in San Diego, or (b) the removal of his "police RAID" post from his site.
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