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lilypad_567 Donating Member (70 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-21-06 02:40 AM
Response to Original message
15. dear time for a change
i try to reply to your democratic value journal but couldn't, i know this off topic with the current journal that you are writing, but i think that this might sounds like a good argument with those who oppose a women right to choose. maybe one can ask someone who is for life, said that if you are really for life, than shouldn't you be for all from of life. why is it wrong for the government to fund research on stem cell, but than it is okay for private corporations to do it, because don't it make the blases(?) human no matter if it is publicly funded or privately funded, is it less of a life if a private corporation does it? if it is wrong for the government to fund it, than should private companies not be allow to fund it either. shouldn't there be some amendment that said stem cell research is illegal be they public or privately funded, because should your belief in life is so strong, that you should oppose any or all sorts of fund that does stem cell research? if stem cell research is wrong, than what about those that can benefits from it? aren't you than against life, if you oppose something that can save someone life? if it is murder for a women to get an abortion, than shouldn't't you be for health care, so that the women don't have to resort to abortion in the first place? if women have the necessity that they need to raise a child, than she shouldn't need to seek an abortion? if and when the child is born, shouldn't you than be for all that there should be to make the child life easier, meaning that the child should be provided with proper health care?, should the child social program not be cut?, shouldn"t the child receive the education there is, even if that means that they are going to public school, and shouldn't you be for a better livable wages, if the mother isn't as educated as she is, so that she can take care of the child? and what if the child turn out to be a homosexual, should you, who call yourself a pro lifer, and said that it is murder for a women to get an abortion, should you not that allow the fetus's, that the women was going to abortion, but was force to carry to term, be allow to be with whoever they chose? if the fetus was a homosexual, than aren't you for life more if you allow them to married, after all they were once a fetus? shouldn't you be for government regulation on corporation/businesses so that it will protect the child, that was once a fetus? shouldn't protection continue after the fetus is born? why is that you are so wiling to fight for a fetus life, but than once it is born, you are oppose to anything that can make it life better? what about sex education, aren't you for life, if you give them the right information about safety toward sex? and if a war is to be fallen upon you, shouldn't you be oppose to it, even if that means that the other person be they evil or whatever, because should not your belief in life be so strong that you would be against a war, just like the iraq war. no matter how much you see justification in the war, should still be against it because it is killing and taking away a life, be they innocent iraqi, saddam, those that are loyal to saddam, or even the terrorist such as al que-da, hamas, et etc. and if you are really for life, than shouldn't you be against the death penalty, because you are taking away a life, even if the person did commit a crime, should you be against it because you believe in life after all, isn't that what it means being for life, because if you are for life, than you be for all forms of life. and what about the protection of the environment, shouldn't you be for protecting it, because it will make the future much a better place for those that are being carried in the womb?
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