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My plan to succeed (win) in Iraq. [View All]

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Edited on Sun Aug-13-06 08:58 PM by Bleachers7
I seem to be having this discussion a lot. I have come to the conclusion that there are only two ways to finish our involvement in Iraq. Both of them require a plan. Currently, there is no plan. We brag every time there is an election or the death of a high profile enemy. But we don't declare victory and leave. We just stay and slog through. Bush has said that some other president is going to decide when the troops leave. That means that the plan is that there is no plan. So here it is. The only two possible plans as I currently see it.

Plan 1: We fight for Victory.

Bush makes a deal with Congress that enables us to fight for Victory. The plan will take 2 years to complete, meaning that troops will be pulling out by the time the next president takes office. The plan is to increase the troop level to 500,000. Congress starts the draft immediately. It can be called the Draft for American Security. As many troops as are necessary to have a full rotation of troops for the next 4 years are drafted. This does two things. It ensures our Victory and invests Americans in the conflict. The 500,000 troops are used to clean out all the "terrorists", and also create a secure environment for Iraqi's to rebuild their infrastructure. A high priority for the troops will be to good on a good show. Iraqi's will be treated with respect and given the room to build and adjust to the environment. Those without Iraqi papers will be deported (right wingers will like that). Hopefully we can secure Iraq's borders better than we can secure our own. It will take 2 full years to accomplish all of our objectives. After 2 years, I think more nations will be willing to get into Iraq to supplement their security.

Plan 2: Iraq fight for Freedom

This plan means an American troop pullout. We move American troops to Kuwait, Turkish bases, Germany, and ships. In this scenario we get all of the American troops out of Iraq. We will be nearby, but not to close. Then we do not interfere in the impending civil war. I believe that Iraqi's will exterminate the foreign fighters before they go after themselves. I'm not convinced that the different sects will attack each other after all the foreigners are out. Iraqi's will take great pride in rebuilding their society. And the key is that it will be their society. If they decide to have an open society, fine. If they decide to have a hard line government, fine. That's what they're getting now anyway. America reenters Iraq if we are not pleased with the result. Obviously we can overthrow a government, but I don't think we will have to. The positives of this is that Americans stop dying in a cause we're not committed to properly anyway. It also gives Iraqi's incentive to take over their security, and decide what kind of society they way.

So now I have given you two plans before Bush has given you one. My point is that there is no reason to be in Iraq the way things are right now. We're not doing anything besides feeding american soldiers into a fight that we're not committed to properly. So either plan to succeed or get out of the way.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007) Donate to DU

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