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Even if there is only 1% chance of this happening [View All]

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Oversea Visitor Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-09-06 07:36 AM
Original message
Even if there is only 1% chance of this happening
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It is not worth the gamble.

Please all follow what happen in UN security council today
Please all go find clip of press briefing by ARAB LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES after their presentation to the UN Security Coucil today.

The warning has been givebn again and agin by many leaders.
But deaf is the ears that it is falling on

The ARAB LEAGUE of 22 countries has to act.
They will not be backing down.
The people of the middle east are angry.
The goverments has to listen to the people or there be choas.

We all witness Afghanistan, even today there is no evidence presented of OBL guilt. Even the US FBI has no evidence of such. Now the reason becomes the evil Taliban. While such spin is good for American it is not how the middle east people or the people of the muslim world see it.

We all witness Iraq and the WMD. While the spin and arguement on faulty intelligent rage in America.
It is not how the middle east and the muslim world see it.

And now Lebanon almost now a month has pass. THIS WILL END

The ARAB LEAGUE will not back off. Will any party back OFF? :cry:
They are in a corner with only one path left. The bullying MUST STOP. They cannot back off and they knows it.

So now we have the potential of 1967 raising it ugly head :cry:
Will it come to that? Will someone gives ground? :cry:

It will be 22 countries or more if the OIC get involve against Isreal.
Yes Isreal got 300 nukes but it will make no different. It will only ensure Isreal today destruction if use.
Yes the American Military is around.
Will US take side then if WAR declare. Who else will jump in then.

Will the world then we face with a choice of choosing side.
Will the world ask themself what path do we want a path of perpetual war or peace?
US/Isreal are now look on as rogue nations.

I there be a all out major conflict then there must be a path to future peace.
Will US then be alone.

Is this the path of madness that we all want to take?

While we can say noone be so crazy to start a war of this scale.
One have seen the WAR on AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ and now LEBANON.
Who is crazy already?
Who now were go crazy?
The assumption that people will not start war already shatter.

Think think and ask yourself if noone back off and the ANTE goes up will they or will they not.

Then ask yourself what US going to do cause Isreal cannot win against 22 countries.
Then asked yourself if US side with Isreal will Russia or any major country take a hand in it.

Then asked yourself would other country say enough of war lets end it once and for all just like world war2.

THEN ASK ONESELF....... WHICH side is the side for peace. and which side is for perpetual war.
IF there need to be a world war to acheive permanent world peace.
My contry will be with the ARAB LEAGUE for we see no other choice for a future of peace.

AND WATCH and act if need to that this dont come to pass.

When Madness grip the world.... WAR follows in its wake.
And under the leadership of bush we all witness madness and have seen the war that enfolds.
Now madness has rear its ugly head and I pray for the sanity that might come unto all so we avoid the path to WW3. For when the ARAB LEAGUE of 22 countries declare war on Isreal. Even Isreal nukes cannot ensure them victory. For then it is too late.

All this just for a simple word..... WITHDRAWAL.
Do we know how to withdraw ourself from the edge of the cliff of WW3.
Can you be so certain that the ARAB LEAGUE might not decide to once and for all put this conflict to rest.
Will Saddam word of MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES come true.
If US maddness can overcome US and we see all this pointless war can one assume that the same madness would not overcome 22 countries who see a need to stop all the bullying and who see no other course left open.
They say a single bullet started WW1. Can 3 Unjust WAR start WW3.
Will this be how history be written.
Will this be what the future Americans be reading.


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