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Reply #88: Forget the "anyone can grow it" argument [View All]

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jmowreader Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-07-06 01:32 PM
Response to Reply #77
88. Forget the "anyone can grow it" argument
Let's pretend, just for the sake of pretending, that we elected a truly enlightened government.

This government's first act is a three-step deed:

Step 1: invent some way to determine actual marijuana intoxication--maybe something in the eyes, maybe a metabolite that is only present when the pot user is high, or maybe even a little brainwave reader with two lights on it--stoned or not stoned.

Step 2: establish the Office of Hemp and Marijuana Exploitation to help companies who make things that would be displaced by hemp and/or marijuana develop ways to make their products from hemp and/or marijuana. You mentioned the paper industry--what is stopping the paper industry from making hemp paper? What's stopping the linen producers from making their cloth from hemp instead of flax? Only knowledge, and that can be acquired.

Step 3: legalize the sale, possession and use of cannabis.

So now we have legal pot. I believe three groups of smokers will emerge.

The first group never buys marijuana. They grow their own. They have hydroponic systems and grow in the spare bedroom, or fields in the country and grow outside. This group isn't very large because there's no instant gratification from growing pot, whether you start from seed or you go to The Home Depot and buy bedding plants.

The second group grows pot, but they also buy it. Maybe their crop fails on occasion. Maybe they're throwing a party this weekend but they've only got two ounces of marijuana and their plants won't be ready to harvest for another month (or their friends just don't like the skunkweed they grow). Or...just maybe...they like to try other varietals. Anyway, these guys buy pot.

The third group never grows it. They don't have the room, they don't have the patience, all they can grow is rocks, they like to grab a couple of joints on Friday after work and smoke them on the weekends, their house keeps getting broken into every time they set bedding plants and they've finally said "screw it." Whatever. These folks only buy packaged marijuana.

This is exactly the situation we're up against today, except that you go to jail if you're caught growing pot now and you wouldn't if it were legal.

Anyone CAN grow pot. Not everyone would.

I would like you to consider something else: It has been legal since the end of Prohibition to produce, for personal use, 200 gallons of beer and 200 gallons of wine per year. (They certainly calculated party consumption into this because if you drink 400 gallons of alcoholic beverages in one year you cannot be anything but a useless drunk. That's over a gallon per day.) How many people do you know who brew or make wine? I bet it's nowhere near the number of people who drink it.
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