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Reply #72: Yep, keep it open! I think we're looking at Bushite/PNAC-Plan B: [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-20-06 06:59 PM
Response to Original message
72. Yep, keep it open! I think we're looking at Bushite/PNAC-Plan B:
get Israel to do it.

Very important to discuss this openly, and understand it. Saw a poll today here that 84% of the American people oppose U.S. participation in a widened Mideast war. With that level of opposition to Bush junta foreign policy--and opposition also from Europe, Russia and China--how can they get the PNAC agenda of invading and occupying all Mideast countries and controlling their oil fields accomplished? Answer: Plan B. Get Israel to kick it off (with a wholly insane bombing of Beirut, and who knows what next?), then, in the chaos, manufacture, or take advantage of, some "Gulf of Tonkin"-type incident to justify protecting "U.S. interests" or military groups/installations. Bang, we're in! And Bush doesn't have to justify it--he just escalates and escalates.

I think it's very important to understand the power situation between the Bush junta and the Israeli leadership. The Bush junta has all of the power to fund or not fund Israeli defense and aggression, and, further, without Bushite support, Israel would be very isolated right now. It has almost no other support in the world. Israel's current war actions could not be taking place without full Bush junta support, and, although Israeli leadership is certainly gung-ho in carrying out the PNAC scenario (and has made a "pact with the Devil" (the Bush junta), as far as I'm concerned), I wonder about Israel as a country and its people. Are they as powerless as we are, to determine government policy and set a course that is in their best interest?

I think behind it all are war profiteers (oil giants, arms manufacturers, military contractors). And the politicians are just their tools. The war profiteers and their puppets in our governments are driving both countries (in the case of the U.S., almost entirely against the will of its people, and in the case of Israel, I'm not sure--but suspect the same) into a conflagration that could literally end the world. (Read Carl Sagan's "The Cold and the Dark," on the impact to our atmosphere of even a limited nuclear exchange).

They both seem out of control, and mad (insane type mad)--these two governments, Israel more understandably than our own. (Ours is mad with greed.) But in truth, they are following an agenda (PNAC). The madness part (besides slaughtering innocents and breaking international laws) is that it's a plan that could easily escalate into all out war, with unknown consequences--the least of which may be blowback on our civilian populations. I don't see any of this in any way making Israel "safer"--nor us. It's a power game that we, the people, have no say in.

But I think it's VERY important to how who's in charge--and I don't think it's Israel (despite their actions). Ask yourself this: If Israel did not exist, and the Israel lobby did not exist, would the Bush Cartel still be after the Mideast oil fields? I think there is no question that the answer is yes. In that case, what is Israel except a pawn in their game plan--one that they would abandon in a minute, if it suited them, just as they abandoned poor blacks in New Orleans to rot and die. The Bush Cartel's real buds are the Saudi sultans and the bin Ladens, not Israel. I think the Israeli leaders have made an extremely unfortunate and dangerous choice of allies.

So I think in the matter of condemnation for war crimes, and the critical need of their removal from power, the Bush junta comes first. They are the most culpable and they are our responsibility.

We have almost no chance of removing the Bush junta from power, given the control that Bushite corporations now have over our election results (brought about by the "Help America Vote Act" coup, engineered by Tom Delay, Bob Ney and Christopher Dodd--which resulted in the 2002-2004 nationwide conversion to electronic voting, whereby all votes are "counted" with TRADE SECRET, PROPRIETARY programming code, owned and entirely controlled by corporations with close ties to the Bush junta, and with virtually no audit/recount controls.)

Our first step toward removing the Bush junta must be restoring transparent elections. Difficult job. My proposal for the '06 elections is massive Absent Ballot voting--a citizen boycott of the rigged election machinery. AB voting is not safe, but it IS a PROTEST against the machines. If it gets big enough (it's up to 50% in Los Angeles), it would made all these shiny, new, election theft machines obsolete, and throw corrupt election officials into a panic. What good is all this vote rigging equipment, if no one will use it? Then we start reforming the election system. (It's kind of like how the Montgomery bus boycott worked to end segregation--except that, in this case, we MUST vote--but not on these machines.)

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